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A really decent server for chatting, roleplaying, gaming, and meme posting.

We are a subway with femboys!

Farming fan group and fun to have in our Amazing server. Run by great staff and hiring

This is a chill server for gamers and people who just want to have a good time and chill.

A Minecraft server that is hosted 24/7 we have a lot of fun plugins and economy ranks and shops for Minecraft

Small discord server owned by a developer.

Your next chill discord server. There is no debate.

Im Still Hanging is a server that you can just hang out in chat with some people and have some fun with bots.

New server focused around twitch support. Variety of roles for more active supporters to increase interactivity on streams. Also offering help and advice on streaming

We do livestreams, events, and are hiring staff. Come join and have some fun.

Welcome to DZ Island! We do Super Mario Maker 2, Animal Crossing, Nintendo, Roleplay, Gaming, Minecraft, Roblox, Among Us, YouTube!

Hello! Welcome to The Vortex Community! We are a server with an active community that loves playing games, watching movies, memes, anime, and listening to music!

A D&D/Chatting/Gaming server. Just some nice people wanting to talk and grow. Music, events, and funny gaming moments here.

Conscious free-speech server: talk about almost anything you want as long as you aren't trying to directly attack/harm anyone. Follow discord tos.

this server is the official server for those who want to join a community of gamers on a premium server filled with music, with our music bot. feel free to talk about tech and gaming to a community of awesome people

FG discord server


Friend Group Server, We Play Minecraft,Roblox, and MORE! We also do GIVEAWAYS