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a cute and wholesome server for discussing middle earth, star wars, harry potter, playing games, and more! we also have channels for mental health, adhd/asd, etc. join now and make some new friends and use some cute emotes 🍄🧸☕️

Brand new growing server, tons of chill people and a non toxic community.

A small server centered around Haikyuu and other fun things!

This is my and my cousins first religion, we have 4 fair council member and chances to get many other roles, the community is active and welcoming.

Welcome to the gaming community, our goal is to make a fun and save environment for all members.

Greetings, are you looking for an awesome server? Look no further as this server is for you! We don't have alot of members so you can contribute to being a member! Share memes, convos, play together with others, much more!

play minecraft and roblox and valorant with us

Buongiorno! This is a Your Bizarre Adventure based server. Here, me and the Co-Owner will post YBA Videos weekly. The server also welcomes people that just want to discuss the overall topic of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Have fun!

Join if you're real, BTW you're a complete dumbass if you think the election isn't rigged. It's just pretty ironic of you to call the 2016 election rigged but now you're saying elections can't be rigged. Is it not rigged only when it's in favor of you?

This is Server where anyone can stream anything as long as it follows the rules. We also Stream Movies,T.V Shows, and more!!! Come over to the Walk-In-Theater and enjoy tour stay.

Minecraft Bedrock Survival Multiplayer (SMP) Very active. Simple Server. This is a realm. We have ranks such as. ||VIP|| ||MVP|| ||Elite|| ||MVP++|| ||God|| ||Donator|| (which is a role) Coming Soon: ||Server Booster|| (which is a role

Just Vibe is a nice chill place to stay and chat on :D

Our Server is a small german Community of friendly Gamers. Everybody is welcome! Enjoy your time with us!

🎮 Welcome to PC GAMER ENTHUSIASTS! - We're a community dedicated to PCMR and PC hardware stuff. Talk about the 3080 Ti and the new Ryzen processors in here. - Ever need help with your setup? This is the community for you!

Prism is a Discord server dedicated to following the development of an upcoming Roblox game inspired by a popular TCG.

Hello there and welcome to the official OtterCord discord server! - OtterCord is a fun community server that isn't quite active yet but we are working on it! we hope you join so we can all create a friendly active community where everyone can have fun!