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✨Voted the #1 Minecraft server in the world✨ ✨Daily Nitro giveaways✨ ✨Mc.CosmicMc.Net✨

A server for a community of people who just wanna talk.

join 4 a cookie <3🍪

Welcome to Night universe where you can enjoy the community and chat music channels game channels, with a active mod/admin and a great team we provide a safe environment to express yourself and become god at games, we also have perks for you come and join

A basic Club with a fun community to hang out with!

Just a fun welcoming server that plays games and gives you tech advice. We can give you a headset recommendation or help you fix your pc. We are just here to have fun.

╭━ ⋅💎⋅ ━【 🔥 】 ━ ⋅💎⋅ ━╮ 𝗦𝘂𝗽𝗿𝗲𝗺𝗲 𝗚𝗮𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗴 ╰━ ⋅💎⋅ ━【 🔥 】 ━ ⋅💎⋅ ━╯

🌸SAKURA CAFÉ🌸 We are a friendly and active social server looking for new and active members to join our little community.

Down and Dirty is an 18+, active, fun, furry/fursona community server. We specialize in furry/fursona story, roleplay and art. We have a number of themed roleplay rooms and picture/gif posting rooms; covering a variety of topics and interests.

Welcome to CryptoApes! A Crypto Discord Server for you to freely shill your BSC Tokens, ERC Tokens, and other projects (i.e. Your crypto website or blog)!

Cool place for lgbt+ Mcyt fans too

‥∵:*:☆*゜★。::*☆ ⭐️ NEW server! Become a founder!!! ⚠️ Safe 💬 Chat and VC 🤣 Emoji perms for all!! 🌅 Waifu lewding **FB Group (private) also available** ‥∵:*:☆*゜★。::*☆

A friendly community with game nights, movie nights, giveaways and a TTT server!

Do you like animals? Do you like Roblox as well? If so, Whale Universe is the place for you! We are an online marine mammal group, which houses Orcas, Dolphins, Belugas, Pilot Whales and Sealions!

Want to make new friends from all around the world? Learn languages? Then come join us on Friends Without Borders' Discord server!

- 🥳 Tution Train is a friendly, educational community consisting primarily of GCSE and A-Level students (although those in higher education, BTECs and apprenticeships etc. are still welcome!)