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Searching for a discord where you can share your love for Star Wars? This is the place to be!

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👋Are you looking for a Different, awesome, Fun server? Well look no Further!

Our server is open for all and is built for gaming or a community server.

Are you interested in NES Tetris? If yes, this server would be something for you 💎 It is a server with lots of interesting statistics, roles, emojis, channels, and cool members! Feel free to join! 🙋🏻‍♂️

Game Pals welcomes anyone! We game, chat, stream, and more!

Hihi!! If you’re looking for a fun and chill anime/gaming server, join us!! We’ve got VCs and somewhat active people!

A chill metal music themed discord where you can share and discover metal by sub-genre.

With corona going on, and people staying home, Fitcord created a new Discord Server called "RoyalCord". It is targeted towards people who enjoy gaming, anime or both. It is also a chill community to make friends even if you are not into Gaming/Anime.

Do you like video games? Do you need people to talk to? Then come join in The Morning Star!!

:) discord server


Welcome to ":)" we allow multiple fandom chats and games. For example Roblox, Minecraft, sims, slime rancher, and others that I can't think of! In general, we want more people to join so please do-

This server is a cool place to talk and make new friends! ____________________________________________________________ Join and you can: -text/talk to new people -play games -share music -send nsfw (bots are provided)

Minecraft plugin paketlerinin satıldığı, paylaşıldığı sunucu!

All pokemon games can join!

Get access to Onlyfans channel with 500+ girls

For those of you game lovers who are looking for a dedicated game server, this server is the answer