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The best community for people sharing media or wanting to watch something.

🩰 ⸝⸝ wholesome & welcoming πŸ’Œ ⸝⸝ active chats & voice 🏩 ⸝⸝ giveaways & events πŸ₯ ⸝⸝ variety of custom roles πŸ’’ ⸝⸝ cute and simple layout

A Minecraft server that is hosted 24/7 we have a lot of fun plugins and economy ranks and shops for Minecraft

This is a balkan server for everyone that is from balkans (anyone else from not balkans can join) were funny, active and more things you can imagine and were balkan so join now and have fun

Lochai is a chill lofi server full of active people. It is complete with memes, custom emotes, and numerous chat channels.

A community of cool people/friends and small streamers! i'm trying to build my community as i stream multiple different games!

play, chat, draw, make friends in this cossy server :)

i sell weed and other stuff

Welcome to the best Fiverr server, we give advices in everything!

We're a roblox game that's like GPO but based off of Hunter x Hunter, if you like roblox anime games or GPO then this is the server for you.

twitch.tv/adamixbox is a SCP-themed discord server for the twitch channel "adamixbox" that streams SCP: Secret Laboratory and SCP - Containment Breach.

We are a small colony who like to explore the backrooms

We're a new coding community server for support! the server is made to help and get help with coding/programming, and we're currently focussing on HTML, CSS and JavaScript! We have a lot of usefull features in the server and specific channels for support.

β˜…Welcome to πš‚πšžπš—πšœπšŽπš π™²πšŠπšπšŽ!β˜…

Hey, so this is my gaming discord!