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A server designed for anyone looking for people to play with!

This is an open and welcoming community server for cross stitchers and other fiber artists alike. We welcome people of all skill levels and experience and are more than happy to help each other learn our favorite craft(s). We feature community events like

This is a Discord server for gamers by gamers

Anyone is allowed!!! Finding more people to join having more interaction with new people. Starting to do alot more giveaways and events!!!

Hey there, we are a community discord server that focuses on having fun and making sure everyone is happy. We really look forward to you becoming the best member of the server by chatting and being kind.

One-stop for everything about Trendy Tiger metaverse in the making. Join early and be a part of this experience with your own unique NFTs.

This is kakashi's hideout here we talk about anime play game like COD shinobi striker storm 4 and many more must be at least 9 years old and older when you join please respect all mods and read the rules when you join the server.

Hey! This is Team Zaxx, and we're looking for people like you to join in with us on our esports journey! We're looking for FN, RL & VL Pros!

Monki mc discord is the official discord server for the Minecraft monki smp. the ip for Monki mc smp will be available in the discord section named "MC SERVER INFO on the minecraft server information text channel.

Gaming stuff, minecraft, memes, pokemon,

This server is about helping the community learn about robotics and technology. We are helping robotics teams succeed in tournaments. This is a safe community where you can discuss about robot mechanisms, robot infrastructure, and many more!

Gangs & Girls RP - FiveM roleplay server. G&G is a flourishing city that is growing daily, we have plenty of jobs and fun things to do throughout the city along with a strong PD force to keep the city and all its civilians safe

୨⎯ " You have entered Knightz Castle... "⎯୧ Welcome to Knightz Castle, a bedrock SMP style realm with lots to do, create, and see! With our talented staff and easy to follow rules, its not hard to fall in love with our server and meet new people!

A fun, chill Discord for any website related multiplayer games

In Indiana State Role Play you'll experience the best role play experience of all time! Once you join our community you will never regret it!