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An autonomous risk game that's 100% community owned and governed, powered by Chainlink. Launching soon.

We are a gaming community discord focusing on sharing our passion for all types of games. We also organize tournaments for casual players with all types of awesome prizes. [FR] [ENG]

A super friendly server, with underwater theme!

Clown emoji discord server. This server exist as an emote storage and doesn't have any text channel, it is only for nitro users to enjoy a selection of clown themed emotes. ( honk honk 100 emojis )

This is a crypto and NFT discord server with a bunch of awesome people to talk to about your intrests

This server is just for fun. Great server for chatting and making new friends!

A chill community server. Anyone is welcome!

Freedom Role Play is a discord server set up for realistic roleplay. It is based off the United States and you can basically do anything. Create or join gangs, open up your own business, become an actor/actress, and so much more!

The biggest pump group in the world since 2017.

Once a small town made of refugees and travelers across the multiverse, the city of Undertown has since expanded, sprawling across most of this mysterious Underground. An Undertale and Deltarune gritty RP.

A safe, helpful, and hospitable art server intended to help people grow and in turn help others grow along with them.

Hey! NeverEndlingLeX is a Developer server of which I'm working a new game called "Forgotten War". Forgotton War is a Low poly RTS, card game!

Giveaways 24/7! Invite your friends!!

A discord for OF creators with a cinematic vibe.

this server is to make friends not a lot of people are active but you can still join