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It's just a server to have fun.

This server is mostly for the advertisement of my twitch but we will also have fun conversations and you can advertise your twitch and/or YouTube too

Basically like Dream’s SMP but creative!! We can create cool builds and lore/stories!!! Be nice and respectful and we are on a PS4 :)!

Small new YouTube server where we watch movies and play games in chat

A Chill Server With Fantastic People And Music

Do you play League of Legends? Do you main a Freljord champion and into Freljord lore? Then this is the server for you! Anivia, Ashe, Lissandra,Nunu, Olaf, Sejuani, Trundle, Tryndamere, Udyr and Volibear mains all welcome!

FtsMC is a Discord server for a Java Minecraft server. - IRL GIVEAWAYS AND PRIZES!!!

This is a new take on skyblock for minecraft. It will link you up with a chance to meet the top island/players and youtuber Dazzer, and a few others. Payouts are 1000$ weekly Free Keys and crates Season 2 Starting Nov 4th at 3pm Est. Robots are new

This is the community for Beep Boop a fast growing discord bot Feel free to join and learn more about Beep Boop and see it grow even bigger!

We’re a xbox milsim looking for more members, we are a new milsim but we have experience with running them. We are a immersive milsim.

This is a server to Basically Make friends chill with cool poeple! and Have fun!

Looking for a place to meet new friends? This server is all about finding friends, sharing builds and ideas and more! We have a wide variety of topics and we always take suggestions from the community!

Social family friendly gaming server, not always playing games, we sometimes watch movies together or do other activities.

At the lounge, we aim for friendliness, happiness, and acceptance. All members welcome, the average age ranging from 14-17. Easy rules, lots of gaming potential, and many many bots for an enjoyable and fun experience.

A new Minecraft Bedrock survival server... what's the catch? The world size is 4000x4000, if you go further than 2000 blocks in either direction you start dying!