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This Discord server is for anyone who has a interest in helicopters. Anyone is allowed to join and enjoy the helicopter related talk!

Render Bot List is a server dedicated to help grow smaller bots by giving them a platform to advertise freely to the public. We have low requirements and are open to staff. Come and submit your bot today!

The Dank Station is a dank memer focused server. In it, we host a large amount of giveaways and other interesting events. Because we are a growing server, we have milestones yet to reach. Rob is disabled at all times!

This server is a Party! Grow your Twitch stream! Have fun! Join Us!

This is the Chilling Lounge. You can play Minecraft or even other games. JOIN NOW!!!

Welcome to Let's Argue Discord! Leave your echo chamber behind! Within this group you'll find a diverse lot duking it out on any topic!

BETTER DAYZ  PS4 & 5 (64 slots) - PVP & PVE https://discord.gg/BetterDayZ Immersive & organic Dayz experience. We created a community where people can enjoy playing the game without griefing, toxic behavior, or pointless drama.

Swing trader, chart reader.

KeX Crew je skupina tvůrců kteří slučují své komunity za cílem vzájemného zviditelnění na československé twitch scéně

An 18+ NSFW Discord Server for those who are into monsters, aliens, robots, demons, scalies, and much more!

It is a fun chill server with nice people and nice staff giveaways sometimes and we like new members JOIN NOW!

ay, I can't decide if i am horny or high rn

Come to chat and make new friends Come to chat and make new friends Our Featuries: Ranking System Memes bot Music channel ( with Anti-troll ) 24/7 vc channel playing xmas songs Anti-bot system

Nice place to chat abt ena!

18+ CGL server w/ bots + gaming!

We are Tharenity! We are a supportive based Discord server and we support everyone! We absolutely DO NOT tolerate any bullying & we love to promote everyone! We have gaming nights and we love to share the love! Come and join us for a supportive team!