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🌺↷ ·˚ ༘ 💌 ! : ・Welcome to our Cafe! ╭꒷꒦︶︶。˚ ✧ What does our cafe serve ? ꒦︶꒷ 、︶ ༉‧₊˚ ɞ՞ — a kind welcoming staff ɞ՞ — organized and aesthetic cafe ɞ՞ — nitro giveaways ɞ՞ — a bunch of cute emotes ! ɞ՞ — an aesthetic cafe theme

Our discord server is focused on helping small twitch streamers, youtubers, mixer streamers grow, along with socializing and having a great time.

Anyone is accepted. Non-toxic/joke around a lot, and you are allowed to play any game.

Join our fresh new server for gamers to socialize and share memes. We will have custom roles for boosters and Content creators and may have giveaways in the future

A fun, relaxing community server

A safe space for the LGBTQ+ community

A great place to get to know other artists, exchange advice and feedback, and help each other to get better at our craft.

Join for NSFW, Music and discussions

..............................❋Beaming Meadows❋.................................

We are a battlefront 2 (2017) based milsim

Associated with the Techn04 Twitch channel. It is a SFW family server with support for content creators, giveaways and Minecraft content. We have a levelling system and helpful staff as well!

︶꒷꒦︶ ⩩ ૮꒰˵• ﻌ •˵꒱ა 谷 m e d o h ˎˊ 𓂃 ✧ ꒰ aesthetic anime/japan themed + new 𓂃 ✧ ꒰ semi - sfw : non toxic 𓂃 ✧ ꒰ 200+ emotes 𓂃 ✧ ꒰ in need of staff 𓂃 ✧ ꒰ giveaways + partnerships 𓂃 ✧ ꒰ active 𓂃 ✧ ꒰٬٬growing quickly ╰ ・  ・  ・  ・  ・ ╯

The official StudioNOVEGA Discord server. Are you a creator? Game developer? Gamer? TPS aficionado? Perhaps a Team Fortress 2 fan? You might want to stop by! 😎

We are a small discord server where you can talk about games, tech or other computer related conversations. Of course you can also just talk with your friends in a voice channel. We hope to see you soon in our server.

We are WeHaveEverything. If you want to, you can boost the server and get a booster role, stickers, and extra emotes for this server.

BlueBerry is a Gaming Community, where you will find a lot amazing Friends to Play Games and Chit Chat. Fun and Time pass is something we do in our daily Life! Gaming is something we do everyday