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Giveaways every 1-2 weeks! Server for Emojis, Streams, Videos, Anime and Open Source Projects Shared for free to use!

A community of cool people/friends and small streamers! i'm trying to build my community as i stream multiple different games!

We are a small colony who like to explore the backrooms

helllo friends. if you want you may join this server discord if you like gaming and minecraft. P.S we do giveaways as well. :D. If you are a "sQuArE pE0pLE" then you may join.

Hii, I am Anime Cuber#3535 and i just made a server to hangout and play minecraft together, we also have a minecraft smp server so pls join because you are missing all the fun :D

Are you a fan of any Tennessee National or College Team (you dont have too) Are you wanting a nice fun growing community Join us We will also Live Stream games and have in game chat sessions

The Galmanators is a smaller community focused on gaming and chilling we currently dont offer much but wish to expand into doing events and having fun community nights where we watch movies and what not. we also plan on having guilds on a Varity of games!

β˜…Welcome to πš‚πšžπš—πšœπšŽπš π™²πšŠπšπšŽ!β˜…

The Avengers are dead. In the 18+, literate roleplay server, the world is falling apart. SHIELD and HYDRA are at each other's throats and the Avengers have fallen. It's up to their children to save the world they had left behind. AU, 616 and MCU based.

This Server Is A Gen And Following Server!

This is a discord server to find people to play games with, interact with small streamers and try and obtain new roles, and to overall just chat with people.

My team and I have decided to take a huge leap and create a gaming organization. Aurora Prime will hopefully start off as just a community and grow into something much much more. In the future we plan on creating pro teams with you guys!

If you are interested in Frogs, cute things and finding some where for a place to chat and hangout, this is the place for you.

Hi! Welcome to my server we have a lot of cool things that members can do here!

Everything Comedy and Tim Dillon

Free and paid cold war services! 100% positive feedback Insta Unlock Dark Aether $30 USD Level 1000 + Max Weapon Level 15$ USD