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Polski Serwer do Rozmów i Gier Zapraszam Serdecznie

a chill server for anyone through the age of 13-18 everyone is welcome. make friends play games talk in a voice channel choose your own roles!

A server where the main aim is to just hang out with other people.

You like to use our handsock emojis? Feel free to join our server and enjoy a lot of fun. We can offer a friendly community, cool emotes, funny bots and the chance to win cool stuff from our giveaways.

DairoNetwork is a server that aims to create a fun and positive community! We are in development and are looking to build an active/positive playerbase! We aim to create a friendly environment across our Discord/Forums and soon, our Minecraft Server!

Ćaskaonica discord server je namenjen za opoznavanje i druzenje.

Instagram:ex.lonerdior Youtube:ex.Lonerdior

Want to find friends to play with, advertise your stream, YouTube or TikTok, collab with other creators? Come and join the HighMiZe community to find all that!

we a pantry 🥐

Vibe Hangout is a server on discord to meet new friends or just to hang out and talk with the members. We also don't tolerate any form of disrespect/toxicity.

A corner of the internet where people who are still into KHR can gather! This isn't an RP or etc. server, it's just a server for people who like KHR to hang out. That doesn't mean you can't come join, though! :)

We are a new community willing to give it our all so everyone can enjoy their time amongst others. We strive to be a strong community, for all to kick back & relax and make friends. Not only do we strive to be strong, but also to be supportive for others

SpongeCraft is a Minecraft server network dedicated to prisons. We are currently in development and need of teams/players.

Hey guys, I have my own server now and I wanna build up a positive community that welcomes almost anybody :).