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I friendly place to make new friends and socialize! We hope to create a safe place for everyone! Our server includes the following; Rant/Vent channels Trigger lists PluralKit Regular activity Art channels And much more!

Basically a server to make friends and have fun all together its very chaotic here.

It’s a super chill gaming server with a friendly community < 3 It’s mostly animal crossing based but we also have options for other types of games!

Are you a YouTuber? Coder? or Designer?🤔 Creator Central is the place for you. We offer lots of resources for your favorite hobby. We are chill server with lots of options for keeping you entertained.

Welcome to the Outbreak: 2047! Our apocalypse takes place in the not so distant future, in a fictional city - Edgewater, residing on an island on the edge of the United States territory.

Come Hang out with us in our server , We are Waiting For Your Arrival.

Sanso is a server dedicated to make new friends and chill out with others!

Just chill with other people hang and play games.

Join a RP server where everything changes with the ruling party!

Chill server with giveaways. And a good place to get cheap games

——————————— Come join British Armed Police! We have regular try outs and ever growing members! We work to inter-grate our services with councils and cities also including other transport and business services around the UK! We are hiring MR’s and LR’s

a place to chill, share your art and meet new people ! we're a brand new server so please be patient with us as we grow💖

Welcome to the Rep Trades! We welcome you with open arms, this server specializes in trading for fortnite, minecraft, csgo and other services. Be sure to check it out and invite your friends!

Hi! This is the Whovian Hub! We are a Doctor Who Orientated Server for those 13+, with different features like our doctor themed channels and roleplay area We hope you join us and have a fantastic time! We're new, so there's not many users

Ever wanted to be a part of the Brotherhood of Steel? Well, look no further Soldier! Here in The True Steel, you can do missions, both official and unofficial. We are a brand new server based on the Fallout 4 Brotherhood of Steel. Join today!