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The Among Us Clan is an awesome server where you can chill, chat and also play Among Us! Help us reach 50 members!

anime server kawaii layout welcoming community emotes coming soon !! join aki cafe!

The Lobby is a server dedicated to bringing people together to play games they already play or to find new ones. We play a lot of games like among us, jack box, Minecraft e.t.c

hey this is a chill server with some of my friends who are hopping to meet new friends, we have bots like mudae, poketwo, and mee6, we also do mudae and poketwo giveaways, and i think you would have a good time. No one OVER 18 please

WE DO NOT WANT TO MERGE AT THIS TIME. If you need any help, DM DispatchJosh#8779

Chill Server want people to be online and use server Example talking in general and playing with people

JD discord server


Latvian gaming server.

Enjoy the hangout of gamers!

moonqiis hangout is the official Discord server for the up and coming YouTuber moonqii. Moon has accumulated 1k+ subscribers on YouTube.

Simple, laid-back, anime Discord Server for everyone to join!

- A Laid Back Community Environment - 15+ Server - CGL Channels - Optional Viewing of our CGL/Kink channels - 18+ NSFW Channels (must be verified) - Lewd Role Options as well as General Roles - New Server Looking for Trusting Staff


Join now to sneak a peak for the new anime game on ROBLOX! "KIMETSU NO YAIBA!"

hot female owner egirl & eboy server 2:1 egirl to eboy ratio active chat with little to no rules

hangout for people that love everything bedwars