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MBTI FR est un serveur dédié au test de personnalité MBTI, basé sur les travaux du psychiatre suisse Carl G. Jung, ainsi qu'à d'autres modèles de types psychologiques tels que l'ennéagramme, la socionique, etc. Rejoignez-nous !

Slightly modded 2x server with a loot balance not too rewarding yet not so dissapointing. | 5 Man

This is a server for a Minecraft realm. after you join and fill out the application you will get a code to join a beautiful SMP world.

This server is a place for you to chat, relax, and just chill! We host fun community events like game-night and movie-night, and love to laugh and joke around! We hope you'll come to join us and have a great time!

First Australian based Asian discord server. If that doesn't convince you, join the server and ask for the slideshow. :)

Server for twitch.tv/mamameesee

🥀・angst ⸝⸝ ❧ ;; aes non toxic community featuring themed emotes , self roles , confessions , & more !

a place to have fun, play and make friends

free giveaways no strings attached

We host gaming events & giveaways every month!

Our server is about helping and rewarding others. In our server you can get a lot of rewards for inviting your friends in it. You get awarded for activity. You get active staff which would reply on every message. So join and try us

This is a new Irish based server we are new and growing a community were active and play games post memes etc on the regular and would love to have you here thanks

DEVOUR has been made for a simple reason, chilling and talking about anime. This is an anime dedicated server. This server has channels for Chatting, Sending memes, playing Anigame and much more amazing things! You can even vibe to some tunes!

We are a starting group, hoping to start a Software & GameDev company by 2022.

A server to meet new people, play games and rank up in! There is a ranking system which gives you more permissions as you get higher such as moving people in voice channels. If abused, the role gets removed, simple.

A fun community to hang out and socialize.