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A new community that is only growing! Aimed mainly at Israelis but addressed to the whole world, everyone is welcome! This community deals with everything related to the game Rust *Memes *Nonsense *Laughter *The management team is growing day by day!

Join up!!! It'll be a good time :)

Welcome to the Club. If you are Under 18 Please otherwise stay with us and help this server grow beyond the Stars

We are still a relatively small server and we are happy about every member. We privide various software, games and drumkits. In addition, many chats for the community. Go check it out :D

CANADA ONLY! looking for a ps5? Are u canadian? Well our discord server is the perfect place to hangout and have a chat while looking and waiting for ps5 drops, we have inside info with shoppers and are the fastest to predict upcoming drops, join us now

A community server for passionate and kind indie devs

Its a fun small community where were looking to grow. We base around memes, but you can chat and vote and do other types of things.

A place where all gaymers, gamers and randomness shenanigans live!

Welcome to CS:GO Kings! This is a community server for CS:GO players and fans where you can chill out and talk to other users. We have multiple channels for all kind of topics and run tournaments. We hope you enjoy your stay!

This is just a nice cozy place to chill and hopefully make some friends. We have a fair few variety of channels so hopefully there’ll be some that’ll peak your interest. Hope to see you there!

hhhihihi pls join my server ily bye

We are a friendly server that just recently started and we are looking for members. If you dont know me i am Nyanz from tiktok you can search me up: Nyanz__. Please consider joining soon!

┏╋━━━━β—₯◣◆◒◀━━━━╋┓ π•Ώπ–Šπ–†π–’ π•­π–Šπ–“π–π–Ž https://discord.gg/Kx4QbrP ┗╋━━━━β—₯◣◆◒◀━━━━╋┛ "π•Ώπ–Šπ–†π–’ π•­π–Šπ–“π–π–Ž is a underrated community/entertainment server!"

Ideological is a political discussion server that's non-biased and open to any viewpoints.

We are a UK located, English speaking international gaming community.

No rules, Admin privilege's, Gamer Word