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It's just a server, you don't have to join but it would be nice if you do.

Warriors Of Valkenheim -> For Honor Player Community -> Lord Of The Ring Hierarchy Concept -> NSFW Hentai Channel -> Anime Channel -> Funny Mini Games -> Plenty of Self-Assignable Roles -> And a Lot More

Niente regole potete fare tutto ciò che volete bruh

Traveler, your journey doesn't just end with Genshin Impact, feel free to explore your fantasies here!

An Server Where you can Get Help in Samp and Mapping Scripting.

WW3 discord server


The WW3 server features a World War III-themed strategy game that includes battles, factories, and brand new special roles. WW3 is a place to have fun and dominate the competition. Buy troops and battle against other countries. See you in war!

we make bot lobbies and sell them for cheap. we are always looking for people to hang out with. we are constantly active and super friendly.

🥽↬ VR community 😆↬ Gezellige mensen! 🔥 ↬ Self Roles! 🌟 ↬ Verschillende Chats (incl fandom chats)! 🏆 ↬ Evenementen! ☄️ ↬ Spraak kanalen! 🙌🏻 ↬ Maak nieuwe vrienden!

A stupid version of Dungeons and Dragons. I am bored so i decided i wanted to DM text only.

Just a server to chat in.

🍓Welcome to Crocus! 13+🍓 A soft, garden themed server that hopes to promote a safe and fun environment for those that choose to join.

Oiee, td bem? Acho que sim.... Vc está precisando de amigos? Que bom ( ou que ruim ) aqui é um ótimo servidor pra fazer amizades, com pessoas super gentis. A nossa intenção não é xingar, e sim fazer web-amizade ( ou mais ksksks ). E é isso bjssss e falou

**OlympusMC** is a greek mythology themed minecraft community. We are in still in the alpha phase and taking beta applications in our discord. (not currently open to the public) The server will have custom minigames never seen before on any other server.

Come on in with a big welcome. All are welcome. Talk about all games and gaming. Chat with friends and strangers about anything! NO PERSONAL INFO.Come on in with a big welcome. All are welcome. Talk about all games and gaming. Chat with friends and strang

*Hi ! New shop has opened😁 With much much accounts and hacks🤫 We have steam, Fortnite, Netflix, Spotify, Discord Nitro Classic/Normal and many many more If you are interested please join and see everythimg Yourself Your friend: Sqxzzy😉