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Your place for freedom, gaming, kids, nsfw(no kids allowed), etc!

A fun Survival SMP server

Heaven is a server that is mean't for starting new relationships, making new friends, and chilling out with others!

I would like if we could grow a friendly gaming community that is always willing to help newcomers and veterans

Welcome to the coding community and we hope you will enjoy learning programming with us We are mainly focused on beginner programmers We have support for most of technologies and languages And yes you definitely love programming❤

Planet Gamers is a server that is made for everyone to hang out and play their favorite games with friends and other people. It is a way to meet new people that may have the same game interest as you and a way for you to expand your friend group!

We offer: ║Active Staff!║ ║Friendly Community║ ║Free Self Promo║ ║Free of NSFW║ ║Giveaways║

We are an adult social and gaming community with the addition of healslutting and NSFW aspects. We strive to create a tight-knit environment that brings together like-minded individuals from all over the world.

welcome to ꪖꪀⅈꪑꫀ 𝕣ꪮꪶꫀρꪶꪖꪗ this is a roleplay server with loads of places to roleplay ,have custom OCs and share art and memes

An organized advertising server.

Are you looking for a server where you meet and socialize with people all over the world? Then this is the server for you.

If you're looking for a friendly community of gamers look no further! We're an all inclusive 18+ drama free community where you're free to fully express yourself without fear of toxic backlash.

A roleplay game in Roblox in Emergency Response Liberty County.

Come down to R.T.C because its fun to trade.

It's just a server, you don't have to join but it would be nice if you do.