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Welcome to the server made for socializing! You can talk about almost anything you want. If talking with humans isn't your jam, you can interact with some of the 17 bots in the server (and rising!).

Pokémon server to play with Pokémon bots. Section to exchange friend codes and organize raids if you play Pokémon GO! as well. Come join the fun! Growing daily!

Anime & Gaming server 👾 Active Community 💬 Events 🎁 giveaways 🥳 500 Emojis 🍒 Fun Bots 🍿 Join now!

Vallahnese server offers: Gaming, chilling and fun for you and your friends

I'm a professional scareactor, gamer, cosplayer, and goofball here to teach about scareacting and entertain!

Welcome to Boom Cafe Boom café is a server where you get to socialize, make new friends, post memes etc.

Hello. We are a small LGBTQ+ hangout center with a few members. You don't have to be lgbtq+ to join, we welcome straight supporters too. We hope you enjoy you're stay! :)

Are you in need of volunteer hours? We help high school students get volunteering opportunities. We even tutor students in middle school and elementary school students. If you're interested: JOIN NOW!

Hey there stop! You can't be looking this cute and not be a part of our cool discord server; filled with cuties such as yourself! Come join us already! 16+ Only

First Pakistani Among Us Server To Hit +3500 members. +50 ServerBoosts, +350 Emotes!

Hi there, in this server you can talk with us about cars and have some car therapy if you want. Feel free to join if you love cars and you can always invite some friends to!

Hello! We’re a small overwatch discord server looking for new members. We play overwatch and a lot more. We are really friendly and welcome anyone to join!

Find new players, find a 6-person team, play customs with up to 12 players, chat with anybody, participate in prize tournaments/events, vibe in a voicechat and listen to music and more. All are welcome to help grow the server.

Good community for coders and botdevs.

Server for music producers, rappers, singers and gamers. Here you can grow, promote and support each other also you can collab.