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We talk a lot of S$*% but have a good time! We are all a huge family so welcome to it!

This server is a central hub for car enthusiasts and gamers alike. If you're a car guy and you also play Minecraft, this is the server to join!

Chill gaming server with active Admins

We are a community which talks about lots of things like anime gaming and many more.

The server is based on Gaming, making new friends and to play together.

» self-promo channels » our unit has open applications + group logos » self-roles such as dts, editing help, revive chat, mbti, pronouns » vent, qotd, spoilers, and voice channels » partners » kind + inclusive community :)

So Guys if your looking at this thanks please read till the end. So My server is all about having fun and chat with other people and make friends we also may host tournaments and scrims for various games and YOU can participate

Servidor focado no Call of duty e em memes

Welcome to the Safe Haven! Here's what we have to offer : -Gaming groups (Including Dead by daylight, Minecraft, Battlefront, Call of duty) - Multi-fandom (Starwars, Marvel, etc) - Daily active members -Tons of roles, new emojis every day

Do you like to chat with people from all over the world about your favorite subjects or pretty much anything? Well feel free to join our server.

A simple discord server to chat and have fun playing games

This is a free plex server with many movies and tv-shows.

Hello! This server is still a work in progress, so it wont be perfect. Any help from our members would be great

We welcome you to a Brand new Server We have bots such as Pokemeow,Anigame, Ramen, Dank meme bot, Tatsu, and more Its still a work in progress so y'all are going to need to give suggestions if you have any in the chat

Un servidor español de Minecraft semi-privado.

Your place for freedom, gaming, kids, nsfw(no kids allowed), etc!