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A pleace to share Wholesome pics, Animes and Mangas ∩(´∀`∩)

Do you like avatar or want to meet different people? join us! -Multiple channels for you to talk in! -Many self assignable roles! -Lots of events for you to participate in! -This server is Avatar based, but you dont have to watch avatar to join

Priamos GOLD Award for Best Semi-Hosted Server Into the PRIAMOS Server, you will find a wide variety of brand new themed rooms with a unique design, starting from small rooms with exceptional luxury. Share your videos/streams/memes and chat.

A gaming community for every one and everything we dream to be able host an eSports team

We accept anyone over the age of 13 & You can be any ability just try your best! People will treat you well & you will make new friends, You will also have a laugh on here. We have very little rules so don't worry about the rules!

| Kurama eSports | EST. July 2020 Kurama eSports helps underrated be the best!

When you join you are a guest we hope you become a family member! The fun beings with family!

A small collected server with members to join and make friends. Come talk about video games and join us for events! Mod applications are open Friendly staff Growing community Special role for the first 15 to join!

Warm welcome to our great community, we hope you enjoy your stay with us.

A 18+ apocalyptic roleplaying server with permadeath and families. We are friendly with great staff. We host events and card games.

We literally act a fool in here

This is a server for people who have a nintendo switch

Fridge Town is 13-17yo only server where you can come to make friends and have fun! With occasional game nights, movie nights and more we have a lot to offer! We have very laid-back members and many fun channels to explore! Hope to see you there :)

It’s a server that prioritises on mudae bot. We are trying to grow so go ahead and give the server a try.

For too long has science only been considered significant by the publication of "positive" results. The Journal of Negative Findings' discord serves as the first step in creating an academic journal to bring light to the other side of science.

==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-𝙑𝙄𝘽𝙀𝙎-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-== Join us if you're looking to join and vibe with a small community and make new friends :D ==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-𝙑𝙄𝘽𝙀𝙎-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==