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The Super Mario Network is the only Mario server you'll ever need with a variety of channels, creative ideas and nice community for everyone to enjoy. Games with dedicated channels or categories: - SMM, - Mario Kart, - Mario Sports, - Mario Party.

A fun, chill Discord for any website related multiplayer games

Aktivster Schweizer Discordserver

Hi there! We are a new, friendly community that has gaming corners, roleplay corners, voice chats, and more! We have fun bots and games, we do movie and game nights, and have more fun events planned! Feel free to pm Hanni!#9173 for more information!

Русский сервер, посвящённый культовой манге и аниме JoJo's Bizarre Adventure!

Just a server where all dumbasses can chill in lmao - We have: 🍜 anime 📞 userphone ⬆️ level-up roles 🐸 memes 💦 nsfw 🎨 art 🎆 color roles

A safe and welcoming place to connect and make new friends.

Penthouse is a fun server for anyone to join!! Read the features bellow.....

Master Murderers is a discord server based off the ROBLOX game, Murder Mystery 2. When joining, you will find active chatting, giveaways, game nights, and much more. If you are interested, please consider joining!

Tantrum's Den. A political server made for finding like-minded people to have discussions with.

╭──────────────────────────────────────────────╮ The best server to advertise on! Click on me for further information.

Scorpiactus is honestly an outlet for quite virtually anything! You can express your interests, vent your feelings and interact with a wholesome community comprising of gamers and otakus with a lot of bots sprinkled in so that you never get bored.

cool server I made

A Minecraft server that is hosted 24/7 we have a lot of fun plugins and economy ranks and shops for Minecraft

An Anime, Gaming, Meme, fun, and cool Community

it is just a discord server for among us and other games also there is a music bot