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Hello! Do you like Roleplay? Do you need a safe place to chat? Well, welcome to Winter Safehaven! With a fully designed map and a friendly Moderation team. Come and join, there's plenty of cookies!! ^-

This server currently has 55 members. We're all teenagers, friends, and bored. Sometimes we have watch parties and use VCs for gaming, but it's just a place to make more friends. (we like gaming, dream team/streamers, anime, movies, nice people) pls join!

A primarily Destiny 2 LFG community made for those without mics, with disorders, or anything else. We're here for you โค.

Write, Debate, and Pass laws in Project:Democracy, a political simulation.

JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER AND MAKE NEW FRIENDS! Stream movies, complete challenges, and make new gaming partners! All ACTIVE MEMBERS!

A server for 13 through 18 year olds to date and get to know each other better

Hello! This discord is for weebs and koreaboos! We love talking about kpop and anime and are looking for more members to join! We are super friendly and welcome anyone of any age to join in!

Welcome, this is Cool Hotel! We are looking for more members.

This server is mostly for the advertisement of my twitch but we will also have fun conversations and you can advertise your twitch and/or YouTube too

A Genshin Impact and other gaming community with: Exclusive giveaways, builds, guides, challenges, events and more!

this is where you can ifnd firends bt its new so theres not many people on it. its like a hangout, (like the name)

This is a new take on skyblock for minecraft. It will link you up with a chance to meet the top island/players and youtuber Dazzer, and a few others. Payouts are 1000$ weekly Free Keys and crates Season 2 Starting Nov 4th at 3pm Est. Robots are new

โœจVoted the #1 Minecraft server in the worldโœจ โœจDaily Nitro giveawaysโœจ โœจMc.CosmicMc.Netโœจ

If u did not get into the cc heres something like that we have fun and play shinobi life alot

a place to make friends and play games or just to chill we do raffles and giveaways also so come join and see what prizes you might win!

This is a discord for dead by daylight chat