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A discord server for ducks

☕│Cafe │☕ - ламповый и уютный сервер для общения. Украсим твои серые будни. Хоть людей на сервере мало но всё равно зайди.

Have you ever wanted to be a MP? Then join the server for the chance to be a Minister, MP or even Prime Minister!

If your looking for a server to join just for talking to other gamers? This server is for you! There are 10 different VC's with a 5 person limit and 5 different TC's (slow-mode is on to prevent spamming) and more! rules are in the description. Enjoy!

Otaku-Hub is obviously a discord server for weebs and otakus. Here you can make friends with anime fans. So if you're an anime fan join us now!

Under construction...

Chat, Attend live streams. Just have a fun time here, ask dawn or any staff members questions, invite your friends and be in steams or videos.

Everyone who is looking to chat, play games share memes and wonderful stories is welcomed to join. Share your uwutism here : https://discord.gg/FBD7DMdB9f

If you're tired reading long descriptions, join here.

vr gamers and flatscreen gamers !!no anoying mods!!

Official discord server for the minecraft Network CubeWorldMc

We are a safe, accepting space for all women to play Among Us, other games, make some friends, & have fun! We accept only 18+ and those who identify as she/her, she/they, or/and she/her. We have a verification system to ensure the safety of the members!

Hello guys this is a english and spanish discord server I speak both launguages and some people only speak one this is also a gaming server any games are allowed you can make clans in here you can invite people to your clans in here however no advertising

If you wanna just sit down, chat and have fun, then this is the server for you!

An aesthetic server.