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Gen Cafe is a free reward server. Just follow the steps and you get a reward. All legit.

A chil server looking for active members, we have a custom bot that's updated whenever and takes suggestion (Currently a event happening) , and a nice server with laidback staff, without many rules (besides the obvious)

We actively do pumps on KuCoin.com and make massive profits! Join us :)

WELCOME to “BEFORE DESPAIR” a discord server that is a canon DANGANRONPA roleplay group! This literate roleplay takes place during the time before the Killing School Game, the Killing School Trip and The Gofer Project. Roles still open!

We Are A Gaming Server That Just Likes To Chat, To Fun Things Like Jackbox, Movie Night, etc.

Official Discord server for Puffco Corp.

We are a dedicated among us server where you can find thousands of players to play with!

A casual and fun Splatoon 2 Discord server, Ink It Up! is starting out fresh! We welcome everyone ages 13+ and would enjoy your company.

Its mainly a server to make friends and stuff, almost all of us know eachother, and we would love to make more friends!

Just like the box dimension, we've got wild, wacky, weird fun, paying homage to what was lost years ago. Sadly, not affiliated with Club Penguin. But, we'd be willing to be!

a perfect server for making friends, art, anime, gaming, memes and more 🖤 everyone is wellcome!

basically a server to hang out and make friends! It's very new and we'd love to have you here :]] we're lgbtq+ friendly you can talk about whatever you'd like, just make sure it isnt offensive or triggering!! Join if you'd like!! :DD

TFT discord Community/Server

AMONG US GAMES, amazing vibes~, 18+

This server is a wonderful place where you can make your jokes without anyone retaliating or anything.

A discord server for getting and giving help to other related to coding and programming. Spigot Plugin Development. Java Programming.