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Dieser Server ist Community, Giveaway, Spaß usw. ausgelegt.

Sky's Bots Sky's Bots founded in May of 2021 by Skyler D, is dedicated to providing you cheap custom Discord bots.

This server has a lot of features they you've probably never seen before such as game news/ patches and minecraft servers with live status.

Get hooked up with sweet new Rocket League rides! Here in RLPS, you can buy, sell, and trade presets in the shop, enter giveaways, show off your designs, and chat with the community. We're looking for new members, and would LOVE to have you!


The Server with almost no rules, besides keeping shit in the right text chats it's fair game have fun you fucks. Also no gore so we don't get fucking nuked.

Meeting new people, making new friend/relationships, 24/7 memes, music, events, and tons of other fun and chill things, that's why we're here if YOU want to be a part of our new, fresh and friendly community, JOIN US!

Models of onlyfans2 ✨ Be able to promote your only fans ✨ Meet other content creators ✨ Support each other and help each other grow ✨ Get a free shoutout on our direct onlyfans page ✨ Be in a safe and loving environment

Valorant Discord for all the boys and women. We have a huge active growing group of Valorant players who are mature and really do be cool. We also have cash tournaments as well as 10 mans/scrims that we like to set up every now and than. We also play othe

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euphoria - a feeling of well-being or elation

Hi, We're Zylo! We are a committed group which loves to create thriving communities and happy memories for people, join this and you will make some friends!

At 𝒜𝓃𝒾𝓂𝑒 & 𝑔𝒶𝓂𝑒𝓈 we have basically everything you could want. So like join :)

Gamers Society focuses on making new friends and having people to game with here. We are a community that will focus on gaming with others whether you’re competitive or not.

xCoin is a virtual currency, with focus on privacy and security. We provide you with secure services as encrypted xCoin wallet services, marketplace services, socializing services and much more. Join our discord to know more about our service.