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Come down to R.T.C because its fun to trade.

The CounterHawks server is the perfect place for people of all communities to join and chat in. We have memes, an economy bot, proper channels, voice channels for all regions and much more! You are just a click away from an outstanding server!

Dainty little community of Japanese learners. We have easy to digest lessons structure to only expose you to one facet of Japanese at a time for the simplest learning experience. We allow anyone to make their own lessons or topics and ask for guidance. <3


Kryptopia is a fast growing Anime/Community discord server. If you would want to support my server and help me get more members dont hesitate to join Kryptopia!

Interested in making BIG MONEY? This is the best server for sure fire sports bets that have huge payouts!

SpainMC - Bedrock y Java premium y no premium - 1.9-1.17.1 Somos el primer servidor de Minecraft 100% Español con un mapa de la Tierra y únicas misiones dadas por NPCs! Compatible con Bedrock y Java.

Traveler, your journey doesn't just end with Genshin Impact, feel free to explore your fantasies here!

adorable femboy with a bubble butt finally made his own server to sell his nudes ♥ open to buyers, sugar daddies, paypigs, etc ♥ 18+ only and no other sellers allowed!

This server is engaging and at 100 people we are hosting a discord nitro giveaway join while you can and have a great day

hey! this is a server for anyone who likes games, or just likes to talk. we support everyone and anyone! we are also a lgbtq+ community. we all hope you stop by and have a great time! have a good day!

join for cheap and free nudes

A socially active and fun server including a variety of things do to. Games, bots, chat, events, etc!

A Roblox game studio with 1 concurrent game we are working on. Called: Advanced Combat. is basic admin You can just chat around for now.