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🌃 A fun city themed hangout server where you can make new friends and find people to talk to! 🌃 Fun game channels you can mess around in! 🌃 Friendly staff and a wholesome community full of people with different interests!

Join us for a fun and active community based of Oldschool Runescape!

This is a discord for everyone :D with over 95 emotes we have gaming channels anime channels realife channels and more for the anime category we also have channels to stream and watch with friends :D + a anime guesser bot

Welcome to Peters Big Brother ORG! Here you can chat with friends, apply for our seasons and have loads of fun so make sure to join!

We are a small group of Indie Game Devs/ YouTubers/Animators and more. Our community is based around helping one another so feel free to self-promote your YoutTube, Games and test some of our games.

Just a chill server to hang out in and find people to play pretty much any game in, very active staff, can share memes or jokes, very chill!!

The Link gives you the opportunity to connect and network with people from around the world.

Chillin is a server me and some friends just started feel free to meet some new people and have a good time we hope you come by 👋

Hello we are a mental health/hangout server we are to help people make friends or to help them out mentally we are a new server in the making we would love if u dropped by or maybe stay to see us grow to new heights

We are a loving community who loves to chat and play with each other. This is also a home for Jasmine.

server with no rules! spam NSFW, say n-word, do whatever. I honestly don't care :D

Crypto Central - Unique and growing crypto investment community. Crypto News / Altcoin Talk / Investment Strategies / Price Alerts / Custom Bot

Welcome to Inkopolis! A Splatoon related community server on Discord. We have a lot of interesting quirks and host events! We don't stick to just Splatoon for everything so everyone is welcome to join!

♡︎ gaming chats !! ♡︎ friendly community :) ♡︎ fun bots :3 ♡︎ cute emotes \( >w< )/ ♡︎

The Tavern is a writing and gaming community where authors, readers, artists, podcasters, gamers and roleplayers can come together to talk, share ideas or collaborate.

Da Best Server Ever, don't miss out on it.