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Battle:Collage is an interactive and collaborative project where you are not only the owner of the art, but also the artist yourself. It consists of a grid of 9126 squares, each 30x30 pixels, and each sold and tradable individually as a NFT.

Server BR pra trocar tributos, amigas gostosas, pornô e bater em chamada Brazilian Server to trade tributes, hot friends, porn, and jerk off on call

just have fun and play with bots and stuff or socialize with other members

This is my community Server with the Goal of reaching 500 members!

here you can meet people, talk about anime and much more!

A brand new server for lesbians. We are a trans friendly lesbian server We have both sfw- and NSFW-channels, you choose if you want to see any NSFW-content via roles. We have a verification process, that we take very seriously- remember NO MEN ALLOWED.

wow , league of legends , overwatch and much more come chill with us ! be friendly pls ^.^

This server is basically for anyone who's interested in WEBTOON comics. It's for sharing art, interests and making friends with other WEBTOON fans~!

+REP for +REP Connect to this discord server.

Vibe café is a place for teens to come together and chat. We have many bots and aren't too strict over rules. We can guarentee a catfish free expirience and are very non-toxic. If this sounds like the server for you we got a brew waiting for you.

Discord server calling fans of all games! We want to create a friendly game hub, with the occasional tournaments, where people can come hang out, meet new people, and compete to be the best!

Panda Emoji's is a server dedicated to Panda Emojis!

This is the official community server for the streamer and content-creator, "DoggyLicious"! Come chat with him and newcomers here!

Beyond Adoria is a party for the political simulation of Adoria. We believe in Centrism, Progressivism, Environmentalism, Globalism, and more! Join our Party server to join Adoria and maybe even our party!

Open-source software (OSS) is a type of computer software in which source code is released under a license in which the copyright holder grants users the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose.

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