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New Eden is a chatting server to come and chill at! We'd love to see you around!

Listen to music talk have fun follow the rules and work Ur way up to admin

A server to unite a bundle of people to play a majority of games or maybe listen to some music!

It is a sever with bots and good people pls join as I have no friends

A place for fans of the horror franchise saw!

The Gaming Garage is a general gaming Discord community meant to bring players together and have a fun chill time. Nice Moderation Members Custom Bot with leveling System Game Nights SFW Only Giveaways from time to time and much much more.

A server for all things Lego! Buying/Selling and more!

This the toppat clan please join we are looking for new members evrey day SZdzYbYFzc

Anything you want

new server i made, trying to get more friends <3 please joinnn 🤍

We Are A Growing Star Wars Community & Roleplay Servers For The Discord Star Wars Fans To Enjoy & Chat Toge 😊Friendly Staff😊 💕Ages 13+ Allowed💕 💖Available Custom Roles💖 💙Emojis Picked by Users💙 🎭RP Chats🎭 📝Fanfic, Book, and Movie Chats📝

grupo com muitas pessoas mas ninguem fala ;-;

Small dead server since last year. I’d like to revive it again. This server is where you can come and chat about literally anything. There are no limits. Distasteful jokes allowed because we can take a joke

♡ Fruit Cult ♡ is a server where you can hangout with friends, play games, have fun with bots and more!

furry space is my and my friends project of making a safe place for furries, weebs, lgbtq and other people