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Homeworld, political fights! Anime! And debates... Psst Iran over Iraq and fell israel ha ha.. Join us now and be gae

This will be a basic Diablo 2 Resurrected trading server. I dislike the forumgold meta.

Escape from tarkov for Benelux ( NL BE )

Hello! We're a small and new community based server. The main purpose of the server is making new friends and having a chill, cozy environment. Our server is toxic-free so if you're interested come and join the server!

A chill and carefree space for gaming, chatting, karaoke, events, movies, and so much more. We're looking for people to help grow our community and also for moderators to assist in running our server.

Welcome we are an Official Roleplay server on my Roblox game Middletown Texas! We do special roleplays and more join up!

G’day Cunt, You better be fucken keen on joining a bloody cult, fucken awesome aye. Come be one of the boys - fucken gathos everyday, turn up when ya fucken wanna turn up, no worries Join the cult your stinky slut!

BLUE HEAVEN is a community of VR Gamers, streamers and anime nerds. Looking for people to play VR or other games with, need cool ppl to chill, or help improving your stream this is the place for you. VR NOT REQUIRED we Pancake game too.

We are a very welocming server that love each and ever one of you

Worldwide Remote Raiding in Pokemon Go!

Female only server. I am an insanely submissive guy desperately looking for dommes to degrade, humiliate,abuse and show me my place. Get worshipped and vent your toxicity and edginess at me. Please join. U can dm me for more details.

Confident 18+ is a server for adults only.

we are a pro gaming team that was just recently created your server has players with all difrent skill levels some players with 14 k hours on csgo and some players who just got the game ROLES LEVELS MUSIC PRO STRAMERS

Β°-πͺ𐑂-β™‘ a friendly, non-toxic server Β°-πͺ𐑂-β™‘ level point system that can earn you rewards Β°-πͺ𐑂-β™‘ many roles you can get! Β°-πͺ𐑂-β™‘ a variety of channels Β°-πͺ𐑂-β™‘ We are a friendly community, and we accept any and everyone who would like to join! β™‘-πͺ

The community-run server about the God of War franchise.