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Hey bunch of Gamers, speaking: English/German/Swiss-German/Sweedish. A bunch of R6 Players, and Warzone. Also some Flightsim members.

This is a server where you can meet and interact with other trans people (and cis people) from around the world! We also host community voice lesson groups!

The best place to talk about games, anime, memes, or kicking back and relaxing with a dope community. Hope you come to be part of the lazy lounge!

This is the Rat Club for my youtube channel. my youtube channel is: https://bit.ly/2YqvMuQ

Azure Roleplay is een Nederlandstalige GTA 5 Voice RP server in ontwikkeling op RAGE Multiplayer, gericht op high-end storytelling roleplay.

Pingu emoji server based on Pingu emotes

Community Italiana Ufficiale di Corepunk, CBT prevista per fine primavera, cosa aspetti? Unisciti a noi!

We offer the best modded lobby services for cold war GTA 5 and or red dead 2 should be coming soon wew offer hard unlock and soft unlock services for mw that feature unlock all and all blue prints stop by and and take a look

You can join to play and talk.

World of Warcraft Raiding guild and community. Started over 3 years ago and have been growing ever since. We do all aspects of the game and even do fun evens from time to time.

Can't find a place to share your passion about most anything? Mantle v.2 is all about bringing people together to talk about their favorite subjects and play their favorite games. Come hang out with us!!!

Sea of Thieves TÜRK Topluluğu Türklerin toplandığı yer filo ve daha fazlası

This server is an unofficial discord server based of a cartoon called BFDI or Battle for dream island

My server is to have fun, chill, and play around for subscribers. I assure you that you will have a great time!

Headquarters is a very relaxed 18+ server where people chat with each other and play all different video games as well as watch films. Join us and make some new friends and have a good laugh!

A chill server to join!