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Comunidade de FiveM para iniciantes e jogadores de GTA RP.

We invite you all to join our discord server 🍻 FRIENDS 🍻 We are a community in the true sense of the word ,founded 3 years ago by a very close group of friends.

NSFW - Loads of Hentai backlog and various channels! Join the mature community and discuss your favorite kinks.

Flex Entertainment fans your time has come!. There is now a server for Flex Entertainment fans to join and talk to flex artists, join voice calls, talk about music, chill and chat!

Come join the Mane 6! Looking for clop, friends, or erotic role play? We got it! Or perhaps you’d like to answer our daily question, share your art, and shitpost? If so then the Mane 6 is the mane place you wanna be!

We pride ourselves on building a community environment indicative of encouragement & welcoming for all. ⭐We currently host 12 Overwatch teams.⭐ (We regularly search for new players, coaches and ringers)

Do you enjoy watching Bad movies? Are you into B-movies and cult cinema? Then join us on Nilbog for discussion and regular streams of the best and the worst cinema has to offer.

- 🥳 Tution Train is a friendly, educational community consisting primarily of GCSE and A-Level students (although those in higher education, BTECs and apprenticeships etc. are still welcome!)

⭐ We Are Toxic! - is a global CS:GO community, uniting the CIS and European communities into one whole Toxic Bucket! 🧯

A friendly SFW community of gamers! We have a little bit of everything, come join us and check out the server!

One of the new best BTS servers out there! :) Join us, to meet new A.R.M.Y around the world and do loads of fun stuff with them! 💜 We are growing fast and improving day by day! 😎

StratWave is a semi-active, growing community. we're just a chill hangout server,and we welcome anyone and everyone.

BDSM - Kink - Gaming - Social - Events - Giveaways - Age Verification System

cup discord server


Come to cup if you like cup. There is cup there will be lots of cup.

Go on adventures with the teletubbies while making new friends!

✧ MOODY BLUES ✧ is a friendly, small but active server. We work hard to keep our little community a safe space where everyone feels included ♡