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we vibin to these cute anime girls bro

Hey! Chilling peaches is a server with over 100 members. We're completely SFW, and everyone is welcome:) we provide you fun bots (such as dank memer) and fun channels (such as polls). we have daily quote of the day, question of the day and so much more!

This is a server for every thing you need, we have our own bot for fun, mod and NSFW too, just a fun place to hang out with some cool people! We also do give away some things every week.

Hey, this is a small server where you can do whatever you want basically. There’s roles to describe who you are, in this server you’ll find - people with similar interests - fun bots (Zero Two, Dank memer etc) - interesting conversations

The Chegger Discord server is used for gaining quick access to all of your homework answers stored on Chegg.

Trade originally created digital content for crypto currency or other digital content. Or even just release it for free!

We are a fairly new communtiy of gamers and we are trying to expand our community as much as possible. We got a Fairly small list of games we play for now but we will expand in the short future.

If you got good internet speed and a controller then this newly-built Parsec-cord is fit for you! It's not anything high level, it's just a server where you can chill and hosts can host some games whether it be Smash Ultimate or Jackbox or even Among Us.

small server with chill people looking for others to hang out / game / and have movie nights with.

A server for kittens and those who want to spoil kittens endless possibilities and fun.

Hello! This server is about buying and selling your pokemon. you can even talk to the community and win all the giveaways we offer.!

The Official Discord Server of Indian YouTuber Glock Gaming.

Minecaft SMP (like dream smp) Minecraft Vanilla SMP Server

Hey and Welcome to Kyuka!! :) This server is for everyone! Gamers, Anime lovers, Streamers, etc. It’s new too! I’m looking for admins and mods if you also want to apply for that <3