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Hi! Welcome to my server we have a lot of cool things that members can do here!

If you are interested in Frogs, cute things and finding some where for a place to chat and hangout, this is the place for you.

Be a Shadowhunter and keep the peace in the Shadow World and keep it hidden from the mundane world. Or be a Vampire, Werewolf, Warlock or Fairy.

A videogame streamer playing mostly RPGs and Action games, creating a community who also enjoy the game

A nice, chill server full of welcoming people to chat with, RP with, and generally just hang out with! Escape the troubles of real life, and go to a new world of adventure and relaxation. We will welcome you all with welcome arms! Come on in and join! 👑

Welcome to our trading group, StackingTraders. This server will provide information about Crypto, Stocks and financial insights.

A MInecraft SMP Community .Join and have fun. Active Admins 😋What are you waitnn for? JOIN

This is the secondary official server for r/userphone. It's a server for people to meet new people and make friends and form bonds. Bot commands, chatting, and posting media are all contained in one room. A custom role and color upon joining.

A place to chill and talk about topics or anything

A chill community server where you come hangout, talk about different topics, Life, Anime, Games, Memes, Marvel, make friends and just chill out in peace :D

Hello! This is new server.We are anime,gaming,art and music comunity We are adding more stuff.And giving free admin and moderator roles. We are searching for active members. So please if ur active and like the server Join!

Alpha Helium is a coding community regardless of whether you are a programmer or not. It is our honour to have you here.

ᗰOOᗪSᗯIᑎGS is a Dutch server with amazing people, it is a started server with no many people. But it's an active server we do music nights, event nights etc. Join us!! We are LIT

On here you can talk to many many people as the server grows, have a chance to be a staff member and help run the server, join for some movie nights as we gather and watch anime or shows or anything that we vote on for that week

This server is for everybody mostly gamers but anyone can join you can use this discord for playing games with some fellow members send memes or you can even use it just to chat with people. This server is pretty edgy so beware if your easily offended