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You are into anime? You wanna have more friends that watch anime or you simply wanna talk about your favorite anime/manga show with someone? Our server is the perfect place for it because it's anime/manga oriented and it has a stable server staff system.

Scary friendly server, Giveaways and much more fun. ❤️

We are a gaming community discord focusing on sharing our passion for all types of games. We also organize tournaments for casual players with all types of awesome prizes. [FR] [ENG]

The kingdom of Heilfill is a vast open kingdom ready for new tales to be told. -Active owner -New server -LGBQ friendly

A super friendly server, with underwater theme!

A chill community server. Anyone is welcome!

This server is just for fun. Great server for chatting and making new friends!

Chikara is a mainly German Minecraft survival Discord though everyone is welcome :)! (most of us are able to speak proper English).

Auf unserem Server können Sie eine Vielzahl von Material, Links zu nützlichen Websites, Informationsquellen, Bücher und vieles mehr.

A discord for OF creators with a cinematic vibe.

Giveaways 24/7! Invite your friends!!

this server is to make friends not a lot of people are active but you can still join

This server is a relaxed place to hangout with other aspiring teenage witches and simultaneously a space to ask for help with your craft!

https://discord.gg/MpdByee THE LEGENDZ Inside our server, We Talk About Games. But Most Of Us Talk About Supercell Games ! Our Server Members Were Kind And Non Toxic.

We welcome anyone to our server but we are looking for Trickshotters Competitive players Moderators Advertisers And more But we also welcome anyone who wants to join