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A safe place for everyone :) - LGBT - memes - gaming - anime etc.

We are a gaming/music server!! if you play overwatch, rocket league, apex, forhonor, and more you should totally join us any console weclome :) *be able to take a joke*

Talk and discuss some of the worlds biggest unsolved crime cases, mysterious unknown cases and share what you think really is happening behind the locked away forgotten crimes and unknown.

Rust Takeover-Major Zergs-Tarkov Squads

A community server.

Daisy Cafe~ is a cottagecore aesthetic themed server!

bypassed bypassed is a server which you can either log your bypassed items which may include clothing, audios, or games, or you can share them with others. -self roles -chill admins (dm shadow#0018 for mod) -partnerships -semi active

hello! we would like for you to join our server! in this server we do multiple role-plays , voice chats for gaming like among us and modern warfare, and music voice chats as well! we are open to many other ideas as well.

A welcoming community filled with amazing members and very LGBTQ+ supporting! A great place to make new friends!

Greetings to you dear adventurer! In this server, the center of all discussion is based on The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim. There you will find chat rooms for the game, help, tips and tricks, but also modding!

Community for Mobile legends and League of Legends

Pretty low regulations, nobodoy cares what you say. Got gaming vc and if requested we can create other rooms.

The cool server where you can take a chill pill and just relax. We don't care what you do, (unless you do something illegal or offensive) and if you ever have any questions, then just ask the owner! (itsmii#6277)

Everyone is a server for Everyone!

idk what to put here tbh https://discord.gg/daGFf3fU

El objetivo de este servidor es unir a la comunidad hispanohablante de ROTMG para ayudar a nuevos jugadores, realizar raids, intercambios y eventos.