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Celestial 6 [c6] was originally founded in February 2018 but we are bringing it back. We are a casual Critical Ops clan trying to get into the competitive scene. c6 mainly ranks but we are trying to get back into scriming. We do Giveaways almost weekly!

A gaming server that has something for everyone.

a server made for weebs ✨🍭🍧

Server de developers portugueses. Neste server podes discutir sobre linguagens de programação, ferramentas e arquitectura.

yes, free robux. ;) just be active, get roles/pings, and invite your friends/family. this way you can get more invites and more luck on future giveaways!

Accept the cum cum here to join us

Join our server to find many other gamers to play games including Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Rocket League! We host many different tournaments as well.

The Abode is your online home away from home.

Datgang = MEMES

New Minecraft network server looking to build a community and a following player base. We are a dedicate staff team looking to make your experience within Epic-Network the best one you can get.

Hello, me and my friends made a chatting/gaming server for people who just wanna chill. We are a small community who just chat and have fun. Be warned some of the chat is graphic so if you can’t handle that please scroll away.

A server to share oc art and talk about said art! You must be 15+ to join!

Heyo! I’m Blade And I Have A Brand New Server Called Blade And Buddies! Now Blade And Buddies Is A New Server That Is In Need Of New Members! We Have Multiple New Friendly Friends And More! If Your Willing To Join Make Sure To Read The Rules!

"Lazy Studios" is a Discord Server for a ROBLOX Game Development Studio. Here, we are currently focusing on Anime-Based games.

This server is a wonderful place where you can make your jokes without anyone retaliating or anything.