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This is a server for stoners and gamers but anyone can join if you're looking for a server with the less cancer but relaxed rules. We only have five rules and they're easy to follow and you wont get band without first being contacted.

I just want to create a place where people can relax and get away from the stress we call life.

Tomo Toki is friendly Toki pona server! We accept any opinion as long it is respectful and has a logical reasoning behind it. We like talking, memes, chilling and learning about Toki Pona! Have a great time here.

I just made this discord server and the first 3 people that join will have admin. I also need auto farmers too, I will be posting scroll drops and other thank you.

Want to showcase your creative talent? Want to lead a team to create something original? Join us today to become what you were meant to be!

We're a league of legends community and offer ranked boosts. Our goal is to aim for a high customer happiness.

https://discord.gg/NSzrsTrdUb This is a community where we just chill, meet new friends and talk about mermaid related stuff! It's small now but hoping it'll grow. If ur a fan of mermaids, roleplay, or just chilling and meeting new people this is 4 u!

Ocfromdev is a server where you can talk about game development games in general. Follow the rules and have fun!

We're a video sharing platform (in-development) that aims to bridge the gap between platform and creator! Join us to become apart of the solution!

A future tales of RP fourm! I need some help with feedback and some staff help to run the future site!

It's a place to hang out buy severs and chat to others its also for my YT but yeah 12+

Fortnite Heaven We are a fun gaming community mainly based on Fortnite save the world and battle Royale. We do also play other side games and have community chats for everything. We host big giveaways etc. Enjoy!

Hai Hai!!! We are an active gaming server! We play mostly league of legends but not only league. We often have giveaways and we offer custom roles! Growing community with over 300+ memebers!

A Cheap ROBLOX Da Hood Market For All Your Needs!

I'm a happily married dad of 2 and my escape from manoeuvring this complex world is playing video games. If you would like to join me on my quest to hit affiliate status and navigate family life then stop by and say hi. Games i play in Warzone & Cold War.

A simple server with GEO-FS as the main flight sim to use during chat geo-fs.com we use voice chat to communicate with ATC clearly and fast everyone is welcome from 13 years old to 1 million years old we take privacy very seriously