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Where Cryptocurrency and Gaming enthusiasts congregate! Talk about Crypto and work together to find the best projects to invest and trade in! Game together during downtime while markets are in correction!

Want to play with bots or want to host your own bot you can join our server now

This is a place for people to come together and have fun 13+. Still building it and in progress we would love it if you come along for the ride

This server isn't fully done yet without members so as soon as some people join Things could be finished and once you join make sure to invite some friends If you can

🌹$ythvalid🌹 A normal discord server that is about socializing and music. This server contains various amounts of music artists and producers building their careers to the top as well as various amounts of production channels

-Promote content -Just chatting

Introducing Bot Playground: The Ultimate Fun and Socialization Server! Here at Bot Playground, we encourage you to have fun and advertise your other bots and servers! With lots of tools to advertise and so many ways to have fun, you'll love it here!

The best way of relaxing and communicate!

This server is primarily geared for people living in Alabama. Non-Alabamians are welcome, too, especially those traveling to or through the state or those who have family living within Alabama

Welcome to The Social! A freshly made 18+ SFW server. We're all about good vibes. If you're looking for a new home server or a fresh start, come take a look!

Brand new server! Chat with friendly & active members.

*NEW* growing , interactive, mixed & funny "family' unit who have a great time chilling with one another. Our arms are open to anyone who wants to make new friends, play games ( Among Us, Minecraft,etc.) , watch movies ( anime, etc.) , streaming and more!

Discord server for gamers, just to chat with randoms, NSFW sometimes is allowed and other great stuff Be atleast 12+ to join cause we don't want no kids.

I am hosting modded xp lobbies for cold war. You can reach max prestige in under 20 minutes and max out all gun levels.