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A fun community that i would like to have revived. :)

We are looking for active members to bring the server to life. We’ve been seeing people coming in and leaving like seconds later. This is an 18+ Server

an online content house for farters and their fans - we have react roles and chat, game, and jerk categories

𓏲᠀ deez・nuts🥜 ₍✰₎ . . ⃕ semi - sfw + non - toxic ⊹₊˚✦ ₍✰₎ . . ⃕ manga themed ⊹₊˚✦ ₍✰₎ . . ⃕ find relatable friends <33 .⊹₊˚✦ ₍✰₎ . . ⃕ game with us ⊹₊˚✦ ₍✰₎ . . ⃕ chill + laidback admins ⊹₊˚✦ ₍✰₎ . . ⃕ https://discord.gg/kuB4H3Hqv3

Discord channel dedicated to finding new Scholars every month for the guild

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Hey! We're a real laid back community that mainly chills, listens to music and vibe, smoke weed and has game nights like cards against humanity or anything where a ton of people can play. If you're looking to just make friends or play some games join us.

server dedicato al gaming puro e al divertimento

NFT 3D Clown Town on Solana blockchain.

a server where music lovers can relax, get to know each other, listen to music and more :))

Привет, это сервер ютуберов. Здесь круто, мы рады всем новичкам. Поможешь продвинуться. У нас много обновлений, задуманных проектов по поводу сервера! Ждём тебя)

Weekly Talent Shows Hosted Here!

🎉 $500+ In Giveaways 💎 Events ⭐️ Emotes 🎁 Free Giveaways 💬 24/7 Active Chats 🚀 Self Promotion

Here at MrxJTwisted’s services we sell a wide range of call of duty products to suit your every need, ranging from soft unlocks and bot lobby to whole accounts, modded regiments any thing you may need

A Server for Gamers, Musicians and Artists.

A chatting server where you can share your story ideas, talk about music, occasionally lose your brain cells with mind-numbing questions, or just talk about anything you would like! We offer plenty of different events and a whole load of fun!