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Watchou is a YouTube alternative video and stream sharing platform for content creators and businesses alike

Welcome to The Hangout! This server is all about making friends, having a chat, and to have some fun.

jet black wings is an anime server with a theme of the anime "the disastrous life of saiki k". although that anime is the server theme, this place is not limited to that anime alone.

Top-rated online strategy war game. The game can be somewhat confusing to new players. I'm looking to give new and old players the edge in their gameplay!

A Safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ community in India. Connecting with individuals across the country. We would love to have you! πŸ’Œ Providing safe space for sublime souls, 🏑 seeking solace in these trying times.

Here you can discuss the game Nordicandia, ask for help, and get in touch with the developers!

Hey Guys It’s A Gaming Server For Rise Of Kingdoms Game. Here I Am Selling Accounts Of This Game So You Can Join If You Are Playing This Game. Thank You.

StratWave is a semi-active, growing community. we're just a chill hangout server,and we welcome anyone and everyone.

VRCafe is a server related to VRChat and Virtual Reality, everyone is welcome even if you don't own a headset! We're pretty chill and got pretty simple rules We've got a few emotes and are currently adding more

✧༺β™₯ΰΌ»βˆžγ€€π‡π²π©π§π¨π­π’πœ'𝐬 πŠπ’π§π ππ¨π¦γ€€βˆžΰΌΊβ™₯༻✧ a safe place to make new friends. We chill, talk, listen, flirt, and have fun.

✧ο½₯ ゚: ✧ο½₯゚: CHI’S KOTATSU :ο½₯゚✧:ο½₯゚✧ Welcome to Chi’s Kotatsu πŸ›ŒπŸ’€ Here, we'll be host movie nights, game nights, and anime binges Make new friends from around the world by joining VCs and chatting! Feel free to join and make yourself at home!

Art? Gaming? Fun? Endless nights and tyrannical rule? We got all of those. Become a notorious member of the Night Court! You are welcome no matter your gender, race, religion, etc. This was made to be a safe haven for everybody.

One of the biggest and partnered SAO communities out there, active server. the server includes everything (general talk, any other anime talk, SAO anime/novel/manga, and even more! so why not try and join us?

Catch a Vibe Our server is a Server that is open for anyone in any type of community. We Have multiple topics for chat and So our Goal is to be a social sever where it offers a community for gaming to play with and to chat and talk about

Vous cherchez un serveur francophone, actif et sans prise de tΓͺte ! Vous avez le serveur qu'il vous faut, cliquez pour en dΓ©couvrir plus !

Comunidade de FiveM para iniciantes e jogadores de GTA RP.