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=Welcome to Desired reality= This is a server for those interested in reality shifting, curious about it or experienced in it. 🍀

Hello! I am Shimotakato the Chinokage. In our server, we help each other get items, rank up and spin for bloodlines in the infamous Roblox game, Shindo Life.

( ͡◕‿っ ͡◕)✌[𝐇𝐏]𝐂𝐥𝐚𝐧✴ツ Come and join we play- Among us,cod and a lot more! Read the long description for more info about us :)

Hello and welcome to Ottoman Empire Hangout and Chat Club,this is the place where you can meet nice people and chat,make new friends and more! We have our own emojis

NodeFlux is a friendly coding community. Here you can request scripts for us to make or someone from our members!

MrGoodmorningLP Community Discord

Welcome to the Pagan Corner A place for pagans and non-pagans alike to share thoughts and ideas. A safe place to have some fun and meet new people. We offer PluralKit, and many game bots. We are open to suggestions to add more fun to the server.

The official discord for the Magic Factory Central datapack. On this server you can find progress, report bug fixes, or even suggest your own additions to the mudpack.

Hub for finding Beat Saber Multiplayer lobbys

Hello! Feeling lonely lately? Well come join us because we love to play games, talk, chill, and make friends! Cya at Ghost Society!

A server that's worth 500$ and you w a n t to buy it.

The Nest of Horrors Podcast scours through the darkest craveses of the internet for great short stories and makes them into audio productions. The Nest of Horrors community discord server is a place for all;

Comunidad sobre anime y sus formas (Manga, Hentai, etc), tenemos de todo y lo que no tenemos lo agregamos. ¡Unete a esta gran comunidad!

wave check caillou is a server just to have some fun, well, there are not many here right now by joining, go to #rules keep in mind the server is still in development.

Join MC SERVERS. It is not just one minecraft server, but many! We have options for bedrock, and java. There is hardcore, regular, and an smp! Anything to accommodate your needs.

Fun, chill server where members play games and watch anime together.