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Just a cod mobile server some among us is in there to

- Welcome to Upryer, a mythology and fantasy type alternative reality. There's general chats, refered to as the Lounge, with multiple channels as well as five different role play locations with ten plus channels in each of them! <3

hi guys i'm un1v3rse and this is my discord server. we love every single member so much. here you can meet new people, make friends, play games and have fun. so if you could please join, i promise you will like it :)

A server all about making friends and meeting new people.🌐🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Mainly focussed on gaming and programming! (support/sharing ideas)🖥️💻 On 20 members we will host a $10 USD giveaway!🤑💰

Fun server with memes and music and regular vc with active members

A place for people of like anime and people who like to roleplay(NSFW channels included)

We are a server where you can chill, we all need to relax sometimes, so come on in and chat. Everyone is accepted, and we have fun things to do!

If you love anime thighs, you'll love this server.

we talk about random stuff

Super fun Adventure Time-themed Server!

lgbtq+ server. chill, hang out, and make friends! we have so many bots for you to enjoy. come join and enjoy yourselves!!

Welcome to the best community-run Disney Magic Kingdoms server for more primary sources of info and further gameplay support!

Ciao a tutti, benvenuti nella community italiana dei gamer! siamo sempre in crescita e in cerca di nuovi membri con cui condividere emozioni, esperienze di gioco e ogni tanto due chiacchiere ed un po' di musica per un po' di relax! Vi aspettiamo!!

If you horny and love hentai, slide thru the drive thru my dude

A server made for nerds and lovers of science and space

This is a server mainly for the YouTube channel OCS but many people would just like to chill in this server too.