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IDK discord server


it's your average dicord server

Server to bring your friends to and become apart of a community. Receptive owner that would love to grow the server and just make a general hangout for all to enjoy!

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Meeting new people, making new friend/relationships, 24/7 memes, music, events, and tons of other fun and chill things, that's why we're here if YOU want to be a part of our new, fresh and friendly community, JOIN US!

Creating practice customs and weekend leauges to improve players skill. Region - Indian

-👑Welcome to Everyone's World👑 -💪To those who joins is legendery.💪 -⛰This server is English!!⛰ -🎮In this discord you can play, speak and chill whit others.🎮 -🙏If you join, bring a friend whit you!🙏

Know How is all about learning, sharing, and having fun! We have many topics where you can share your knowledge with people all around the world, you can even suggest some!

Hey guys, Me and a couple of my friends made a stock discord chat called Bullweekly. We’re trying to get more people active in the chat and would love for you to check it out! It’s free and we post a lot of useful information. We make solid gains.

A Friendly & Drama Free Scambaiting and Tech Community!

Hello! i made a fresh server for anime friendos and fans alike! if you wanna join chat hang out meet new friends and talk about anything anime feel free to join!

I tell you riddles, long/short and have a point system, we chill out, and we are trying to find the biggest brain of all! do you have what it takes? If you cheat, your not big brain and your not trying to, so dont cheat, it ruins the fun. riddle fun!

This server is for games and fun giveaways are rare in my server so don't expect a giveaway every time. we just need active and fun people in my server

just a chill server -new server looking to grow its members -24/7 music bot -various roles -numerous channels which can be unlocked with certain roles -music -memes -gaming -anime -manga -🚨NO NSFW CONTENT🚨 profane language is fine just no nsfw

A server with an amazing community and staff, with many giveaways all to do with JartexNetwork!

Just a general hangout server for others to come chat and have fun with an NSFW section.

Ein kleiner Server zum Tiktok acc., Anime themed und funny