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A place to play all different games and have fun! Feel free to invite your friends!

deluxzy's school is a server that is not a school, you can play on our minecraft server and host game nights where u can play with random people from this server or with your friends and you can also chat in here just like in any other server

join to have more friends from plato / among us

Hello there!, Are you looking for Osomatsu-San Servers? You must say yes or no! You're correct to be here! This server It's SFW 100% and Cute layout! and The stuff friendly and so lovely!

We invite bots and mess around with them. We also talk and have occasional events. Also, I am a new Discord Server Owner so my stuff isn't super well made.

ROBLOX's leading aerospace company bringing the future to the platform.


Hello fellas welcome to The Island server! Here what we have! ⚙Server suggestions Post your idea! 🪓Find new friends! The place where your find new friends! 🛠Event and Gamenight We do some event and gamenight yall like game

This is a server where u can chill and vibe so please consider joining

We are LoneStar Trading and we want to invite you to our group to come trade and to come make some money! We make call outs, give advice and teach people the ropes of trading stocks!

It's a gaming server for people to hangout.

Enjoy science or want to learn about it? This server is for you! Active members are constantly, debating, questioning, and most importantly, answering your scientific questions, there are no dumb questions!

HIFT is a new sever and is looking for new members its a chill place to come and talk to others and make friends

A community of over 300+

We are a growing Star Wars Fan Club. We are currently looking for Sith Lords, Officers, Commanders, Generals and much more!