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(Actor/Singer) All socials: @CheckYesJulian Snapchat: xDarkNinja/ Just your local Disney Channel extra/ Join The #LostBoys/Girls Today!

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Community for the Bot "Dank Memer" || Trade, Use the bot, and have fun!

Ocfromdev is a server where you can talk about game development games in general. Follow the rules and have fun!

Welcome to the Smooth Jazz Chill Out Lounge! We're a laid-back, stress-free music-sharing/gaming community, and anyone is free to swing by. We occasionally host community events as well. Our only rule is to treat others with respect, and we'll do the same

You can share your music that you like. You can also play in are server casino. If you make music u can share stuff you made. Work with other people and create some music or hang out. Also Apply for a Artist/Creator roles where you can ping peopling when

A fun community that i would like to have revived. :)

Want to join an interesting, fun and personal server where you can chill out? This server is the perfect place for that as it is low moderation, casual and small enough so you can still get to know people and hangout in a healthy community.

Hello there! Here in Tɯιɳƙιҽ ɱαɳʂισɳ you can talk about your interest, make new friends, meet people who enjoy what you enjoy, get help on school work, and more to look forward to! Come join and have fun as well as help it grow! 🖤


This is where we discuss the YouTube Algorithm and the secret ways of blowing up on YouTube which no one has heard before.

This server is for people who love anime and love just making new friends. This server you will be able to meet new people and talk about animes you like. You will also be able to find people to play video games with if your on xbox, playstation or pc.

Welcome to hvhslaz, where you will not regret joining! This server contains multiple calls and chat rooms that you can interact with many people in. I am starting to stream and help build my community with this, so join if you may! :)

a server made for weebs ✨🍭🍧

server dedicato al gaming puro e al divertimento

We are looking for active members to bring the server to life. We’ve been seeing people coming in and leaving like seconds later. This is an 18+ Server