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This server is Full of Emotes & Text Art To Decorate your servers with! We have Cute Enotes, Text Art & Even Cute Playlists to Listen to while you're Decorating you Amazing server!

This server provides the latest news and tips about the stock market, crypto-currency and any other business/related topics. We aim to be the biggest and most active server which can help the community with knowledge.👾

Nederlandse gaming community of praat comminity waar je gezellig met andere leden kan gamen of chatten op bijv: FiveM, CSGO, Among US, Minecraft, Rocket Leauge etc.

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StyyDevs Discord is a Server from the user StyyDev. You can ask for help with coding, Minecraft Server, Root Server on the server, and offer your services.

Welcome to E- Vibes!! We are an community/gaming server and play games such as Among Us, Minecraft, Destiny 2, and more!

This server allows any content, Server is ran by a girl :3 We have multiple general text channels and voice channels. There are multiple game channels to talk about your favourite games, if you would like a game to be added message the owner.

We are a friendly community that is made for those people who wants to play with people, chat and become and impostor, Have fun!

Join the best server for Onlyfans nudes!

The next best NSFW server.. AND it's FREE FOR ALL!!

Test your bots here including NSFW! I don't care! Invite your own bots that you like without owner's permissions!

We are a server with a lot of potential and a nice community

୨୧ this server is about creating a fun, caring community and for people to feel safe in , and of course, most importantly to have fun <3.

Weekly Giveaways * Art * Anime * Game Design * Stream * Welcoming * Music * Economy * Gift Card Store

the place to go to if you want real THRILLING conversation with refined men and women

Our server has many giveaway and a good roblox trading system and many more