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A small community of online people. Feel free to join and make some new friendsπŸ’–

Official Discord from PPGamingAT

One and All, Welcome! To Enut's Shack! We're a new restaurant that just opened a few weeks back! Not just any ordinary Restaurant! A restaurant ran by Femboys! We offer: - SFW - Cute Femboys - Warm and Welcoming community! - Safe LGBTQ!

Hello everyone, We are Storm Field, a long-running server that has gone from Medieval to Steampunk and now into a Modern era. This is our third server for our third era. Come join us as you create the story.

Welcome to Quality, a place for people of all kinds to come and join. Feel free to invite all your friends to join.

A chill chatting and gaming discord server to meet new people and have fun.

The Hidden Lounge is a small new welcoming server with a polite community and fun bots to interact with, more details on join page.

This is a Discord server for gamers by gamers

We are an indie game development studio known as Sudden Studios. We are currently developing our first game "Walk With Me", besides the the server itself offers a place for fellow indie developers to showcase and interact with us.

Socialist government simulator! LGBTQIA+ friendly Inclusive community Active Lots of fun Realistic simulation And more!!

Please don't join the server if you aren't going to talk in it at all. We want new members, but not ones that won't ever talk in chat. Do keep that in mind.

This server is dedicated to all things Building Automation related.

A place to talk about cars and stuff. It's really all about the game Racingmaybe and telling peeps you're faster than everyone else in this game.

new server still in the making! join now to become cool. kind community, no homophobia, ableism, or racism is tolerated here.

We like edgy humor and a fun time with members and staff! Go crazy aaaa go stupid.