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A server that helps people out with buggy devices.

Discussion-Based server!

a server with a nice community, just starting and hoping to grow. adding emotes and suggestions everyday.

Hello and thank you for taking time out of your day to read this! This server is a VERY new server, that me and a few of my close friends have decided to make, in hopes of creating a small, but tight community, for all types of people to enjoy.

a place where you can hang out and vibe, play among us, and also play cod

HEY YOU! Looking for an Among Us server who is specifically English and active?. Well, this is the one! We do Among Us nights every day and we value you being in our server. Join now and we will be here to welcome you : )

Welcome to Aesthetix! We are a chill server, but the server is a work in progress, and we hope to see you! We have bots, fun people and staff, and many more!

πŸŒ™ Need a chill relaxing place to hangout when you got nothing to do? Well, Aurora is that place! We have chats that you will get addicted to and lose yourself in! πŸ₯‚

this server we just have a fun time and talk and play games. earn your way up to the top to possibly be a moderator

A friendly LGBT friendly server for all things gaming wise and friend making wise!

A little something for everyone! If theres something not here and youd like it to be, request it! Come be a discord couch potato with the rest of us!

ο½₯゚゚ο½₯*:༅q.q༅:*゚:*:✼✿ **welcome to mochii's corner!!** ✿✼:*゚:༅q.q༅:*ο½₯゚゚ο½₯ ~ a wholesome and safe server for all!! ~ we are LGBTQ+ friendly!! ~ a place to meet and interact with new people!! ~ nsfw section, for the horny ones uwu

In Sanskari Launde you can enjoy viewing and posting memes. You also get a chance to showcase your artwork.

BigC & Co is the Server for the Whitelisted TwitchRP/ NoPixel personality BigC aka. Carl Sluggington. RighteousX1ne is the creator of this server.

Imma cut straight to the point of you want free stuff like discord nitro we give away that and money. Join up we have goals and giveaways once we hit those goals. The more that join advertise to friends it’s super easy.

Hill Climb Racing 2 server - specifically for Lelouch YT community Giveaways, bots, nice roles