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We just like to have fun and want new people to join the anime dc server

Official NFT collection 'Ugly Ass Chick Gang', the chicks are 60x60 pixels art collectibles, generated algorithmically. Most of them looks ugly. Yet a tiny portion of these lil nuggets hold rare, powerful items.

♥ Do you choose to enter? ♥ 『』Ⓨⓔⓢ 『』Ⓝⓞ ˇˇ Scroll if Yes ˇˇ Welcome to the Cloud Cafe! Please Read Rules when entering :D This is a 13+ Server! It's a safe community and we do lots of events; movies, fashion events, art contests, etc!

Entra nella community MyGames.com! È amichevole, simpatica, socievole ed è vietato qualsiasi tipo d'odio ^-^

Welcome to the best place for your RuneScape needs – EZRSGold shop!

A friendly place for gamers

A server welcoming of all Harry Potter fans, complete with Harry Potter gif commands and a large array of Potter themed emotes.

This server is new so there isn’t a lot of people. But soon there will be more people who you can chat with, and there’s lots of things to interact with!

Casual + Competitive Gaming Streaming + Content Creation Graphic design + Video Editing Non-toxic + No exceptions Head over to https://verocity.gg/ to check out our site and learn more about what the Verocity Gaming community offers!

0ogi welcomes a variety of different people with different interests! 🍶

Join us in general chat, get itemshop updates, leaks for Fortnite, and info about Pokémon Go as well. Looking for new members, oh and did I mention giveaways?

We are a group of people who scan Manhuas and we're chill humans

General chat and gaming server. Link up on Among Us, Phasmophobia, and more! Also, check some of the dev work of the server owners

We support everyone! LGBTQ friendly and much more! come check us out and make some friends!