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Fun Community of minecraft Legends Play fun MiniGames, create your custom Skyblock, or PvP in Rankup Factions! - MC Legends

Need a server to vent your emotions, feelings, thoughts? Join.

This is a small Spain server in discord. Roblox is where you will play on gameplay. Movie nights are here too, with job aplications. If you want something to get off your mind come here!

Join us for all kinds of dumbfuckery, badassery, and pure vibes.

A Raiding Server. We will Raid not only Discord Servers but Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or even other Stuff!

This server is designed to be used for any variety of activities, and is not limited to particular games. Create your own voice channels and play whatever you like with your friends!

Welcome to Kibble Korp! Its free and its fun! We are an all game/community server. Plus if you dislike this wonderful place then you could leave at anytime!

A group of people getting together, gaming, shitposting, sharing their opinions and a bunch of laughs with one another. Come on in and have fun and start a taco stand!

This is a general get-together for people who enjoy the lewder things in life. Stop by! Say hi! Don't be shy, everyone enjoys lewd things now and again.

:beach: | Chill Corner is a community server where you can make brand new friends and learn new things! Every week, a new event is posted with amazing giveaways to win cool prizes! We are a very friendly & loving community.

were just chillin, vibin, meme'n, gamin, and all sorts of bull shatery in voice chat. join if you like, send us nudes if you don't.

PTRGiveaways is a discord server where there are giveaways daily!

This server is chill, pretty active and just a great place to hang out and chat, even the mods are friendly! Drop by and make some new friends, stick around and get to know us as a community! I look forward to seeing you there, we all do!

This RP server is a RP which takes place on the USS Constitution during the year 1812. Sail the seas and fight for America! Make new friends! And most importantly have fun!