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What are we? Well we are just a bunch of random guys from the internet who made a discord server and are trying to have some fun. We think you are awesome and you should definitely join us. You'll spend great time with us and have lots of fun.

What we provide for you with lot of enthusiasm and passion are listed below: Free Trading Signals Airdrops info Giveaways Technical Analysis Trading 101 See you there and have fun!

Slayout hosts Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends tournaments weekly!

A discord server by gamers for gamers. A place to meet new people and hopefully some friends

Under construction...

A Community Discord Server! Unique ideas and more

Ce serveur est 100% français un serveur avec un style hôtel ou personne ne vous jugera et ouvert à tous.

Feel Free to chat Male/Female/Other Here to have fun and slowly grow Some roasting is good but don't go off don't be a snow flake (Anyone from any background allowed it)

Vibe house is a discord server where you can socalize, find and play with friends! We offer fun playful bots and voice chats just for you and friends to game, stream and just talk!

A Fps Game (FREE) With Features From Cod And Rainbow Six Seige.

Ah yes,a place where cursing is allowed,isn’t that rare?

DeFireX - A platform that provides guarantees for the investment. We offer a stable system of passive profit making, with high profitability and the best indicators and guarantees on the market!

A hangout for those who enjoy made in abyss and anime In General

Ello plz join it's just a really random server that needs more members and i'm bored so...

This is a community based server and you don't need to really like cats to be in here. The point of this server is to meet new people and makes friends! Show off some of your cool talent, and all you have to do is be kind!