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jonzmemes Just a scuffed upcoming YouTube channel with 3.47k subscribers!

My server. Just trying to grow it on here because it's pretty much dead most of the time.

Come join whatever! I was too lazy to come up with a proper name. There's only like 25 of us and we're just chillin. Mostly just chit chat but can do games and movies too!

A small Star Wars community for everyone to come and vibe with other Star Wars fans

This is a gaming server where we play a multitude of games but primarily Minecraft! We put up streams and premieres by crators and allow you to advertise your own content!

Giveaways & Fun Community

This is a small, SFW, safe place for everyone, with welcoming members and owners!

A fun, relaxing community server

Anyone is accepted. Non-toxic/joke around a lot, and you are allowed to play any game.

Join our fresh new server for gamers to socialize and share memes. We will have custom roles for boosters and Content creators and may have giveaways in the future

A safe space for the LGBTQ+ community

A server that keeps you from boredom!

We are a battlefront 2 (2017) based milsim

The official Discord server for Snakecraft Hosting. Come hang out with us, get support for our services and participate in exclusive giveaways!

OxyNessMC A beautiful community