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Minecraft plugin paketlerinin satıldığı, paylaşıldığı sunucu!

All pokemon games can join!

Get access to Onlyfans channel with 500+ girls

Super friendly community! Amazing staff! Self Roles! A new Beautiful role every 5 levels! Social Wholesome

We are a mainly American and Scandinavian gaming server, we love all kinds of games!

For those of you game lovers who are looking for a dedicated game server, this server is the answer

Hey everyone! In this server everyone is chill we like to do movie nights every Friday we consider this server just a chill server to find a buddy if you ever wanna play a game!

A community hub for gamers around the world to meet new players. From tabletop rpg fans and PlayStation players, to pc and Xbox users, we have a little something for everyone! Looking for that new group to dungeon with just got a whole lot easier.

We are offering SoftAim which is aim assist for keyboard and mouse. We are currently making it fully UD and updating it very often. Thanks.

Welcome to The Gaming Club! TGC Promises to give you the best experience in a gaming server ever! We have Merch, A Website, An Artist Who Will Make Art And Even put it on merch for you, A Subreddit, And A Roblox (r/TheGamingClubOfficial) So come on down!

Following a raid that left one of the clans devastated, they are trying to return to normal. However with the threat of an ominous prophecy, that peace is now at threat. The clans are left to scramble as loyalties are tested.

I don't know what to say here 😅 We need active people, friendly STAFF and Owner. <3

Join for lots of fun and nice community

The Metal Meeting '21 is a new server for metal fans aged 18 and over. The aim of this server is to provide a community for adults who are bored with Discord metal servers full of annoying kids, spam & shitposting. Simple layout & no intrusive bots.

we are a new k-pop based server with many fun channels. if you love k-pop, feel free to join us; any fandom is welcome.

I have team pass for the Nets. Come watch the Nets play for free.