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Just a casual server with multiple chat rooms for different games and purposes.

Beste norske discord serveren for deg og dine venner, vi har alt ifra minecraft til gta 5 så det er null stress. Alle som er med er norske og det er verifikasjon så det ikke blir noe botter

a fun, caring, and growing ariana grande community! join us today :)

Welcome to PortusNetwork, connecting dApps to the world A multi-chain open, trustless, permissionless API gateway Token with a lot of potential, ready to be released.

I’m a minecraft streamer and I’m tryna find people to join my discord server, it’s for my twitch channel. I am trying to get into streaming mc https://discord.gg/s3jHMmKEEn

A server where the main aim is to just hang out with other people.

📌 Welcome to the "After Hours" podcast, featuring your co-hosts Jel, Shaye, Taye, Willow, and occasionally Ariy; a podcast full of love, laughs, and games! Sincerely, Casanova 💋📌 • P o d c a s t • C o m m u n i t y • Art Club • Coffeehouse/Café

An original species discord server that base kn a certain floofy dragon species and other kinds of species in it world.

We sell, trade, and buy gamer tags as well as other xbox related items!!

Welcome to Inkopolis! A Splatoon related community server on Discord. We have a lot of interesting quirks and host events! We don't stick to just Splatoon for everything so everyone is welcome to join!


Deviant is an 18+ E-dating community, meet new friends or partners, do various activities together and have fun in various ways ;)

Hi we are Teh Memer Kings. Just a basic discord community server with tons of features. Click to find out!