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Join our shiny hunting community for an active place to do dynamax raids with other people instead of bots! We do giveaways and even more so make sure to come by

OuO discord server


Our server is a nice and chill talking server! we have OuO bot which has tons of games like the zoo, RPG and findings.

For discussion, trading, and battling in Gen 1/2 Pokemon games. Supports Crystal Clear too. Also has PokeMeow and PokeTwo for extra fun. May have Giveaways in the future.

We are an Anime and Manga Server, with a gaming category too!

This is a community and debate server with active members and multiple fun bots and channels including amazingly done moderation

NIRVANA 18+ We're an 18+ server built from a group of friends aiming to make a community. Our server has a few different ways to interact and mingle, with potential connections for each possible opportunity.

Chill vibes and good times, server is optimized for g a m i n g . Self promo allowed, but not spammed. Collab with peers and like-minded individuals and grow. Open VCs and an Artist Club. Oh, just don't annoy the Doctor...that's like, the only rule.

MacApp News: news about applications for MacOS

CANADA ONLY! looking for a ps5? Are u canadian? Well our discord server is the perfect place to hangout and have a chat while looking and waiting for ps5 drops, we have inside info with shoppers and are the fastest to predict upcoming drops, join us now

This server is a socializing and gaming server where you can easily ask other people or mention the specific game to play with them in the other hand you will be able to communicate with people from other country!

🔮Nova Resales- a GTA modding server staff is very interactive. We have music and voice chats (more to come) we also sell the following things that will soon be released on our website!!🔮

We are here to give back to the community and give away some Nitro!

This is a place to communicate, meet other developers and help. Please read the rules before chatting or interacting with other people in the server. We host Staff applications every 2 weeks.

A community server for passionate and kind indie devs

A team about CoD4. We gather people for promod mix wars.