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Hallo, No Mercy ist ein neuer Discord-Server für all die, die keine Lust mehr auf Gehirntote Randoms haben. Auf diesen Server werden nur gechillte Spieler aufgenommen. Falls du Lust hast diesen Server zu vergrößern, dann schließ dich uns an.

Join the Empire at War Community Hub: We cover all aspects of Petroglyph's RTS hit, from Mods / Modding to Multiplayer and Competitive play

hey welcome to my server this is a technology and gaming serv.. have fun

This is a brand new server where you can make new friends and have fun! We are a friendly and accepting commuinity who would love to have new people join us!

You can hangout! You can invite your friends! You can advertise your Discord server! You can apply to become an admin or mod! You can boost the server and earn perks! And much more!

A server to bring gaming community together.

This discord is a group made for online sellers and entrepreneurs to hold discussions about their business'.

Welcome to The Ocean! We are an independent and chill server focused on gaming! Our goal is to make a fun and fair place to meet new people. We want to provide a safe place to talk to people and help.

We are a new, social, dating server open to those 13 and up! However, there is an NSFW section for the older users. :) There are movie nights hosted every Saturday! We hunt catfishes.

chill server for people ages 17-25. mostly college students who like to study together, chill, and make friends. a close knit smol community looking for some more friends. super wholesome.

We are a brand new OSRS clan for all types of players.

Hey you looking for a community to hop into games with? Or join a movie night with? Or just to vibe & chill with new friends?? What are you waiting for?? Come join us :)) Planet Snoopy is a very chill friendly community, feel free to hop in!

Here you can play Battlefront 2 with other Star Wars fans on whatever platform you play on (PS4, Xbox One, PC etc). You can also work your way up through ranks in the server by completing set milestones in the game itself...

Advertising Platform to grow, network and build relations with other servers The future best advertising platform: - SFW Only - Promote your server - Promote your Socials - Post every 30 mins - Advertising and fun

We got games, memes, music, I take suggestions cuz I'm tryna improve my server, we need staff, you gotta work your way up, we got a leveling system, we have 2 members and bunch of bots