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If you join now you might have a good chance of becoming admin. So far we have 2. That just goes to show how sad this server is. Dont tell the owner that i said that this server is bad.

Adverting cave is a discord server where you can advertise literally ANYTHING!

A Cross-Platform, Multi-Game community.

Gaming Sever, trying to grow in order to make friends with new people and enjoy the discord community, love being toxic too!

THE PACK is a server for gamers of all ages to talk strat, hangout in vc and overall play together on my stream. Everyone is welcome! **Custom Emotes **Giveaways

O New Artic é uma comunidade furry a qual tenta acomodar todos! Nesta comunidade você pode interagir, encontrar novas amizades e mais!

Friendly Pakistani FPS Game Community.

A cool place to socialize and make friends! Mod applications are open.

This Server Is For You To Find Teammates For Rocket League While Also Helping You Find People To Trade With.

This is a (for now) small community of Artists, Musicians and Writers to talk, discuss and ask for help about anything related or unrelated.

Do you like Kpop? Do you like to play video games? Well K-Dream is the server for you! Focusing on play, listen and hear are at the k-Dream founding principals. Um I guess

Serwer przeznaczony do dyskusji o polityce,anime,grach(także graniu), a także z możliwością handlowania rzeczami i wymieniania się opiniami na różne tematy.

The largest Korean K-Pop Discord Server Most of our members is korean, and we are friendly to global members. You also can learn native korean here!

Gaming for everyone Everywhere From Minecraft to Rocket League to even Amoung us. I promise you you'll have a blast 😀 Great Community And just overall a great experience. Pls consider joining, you won't regret it 😁

This server is my personal server