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Ein chilliger Gaming Server! Auf Wolke 7 findet man nur entspannte Leute und kann in Ruhe mit anderen zocken!

We sell many different games software and accounts

Welcome to suscord! A server where you can make friends, grow bonds, and enjoy discord as a whole. We are a new server, and we want this place to be a safe space for all! Join suscord today, you wont regret it. We do giveaways as well. Join ASAP!

In this server, we host fun seasonal events, we have fun channels, and a nice community!

Mostly, I built it around things I like. I like to debate religion or politics, I like to watch movies and read books, and I have made a tabletop rpg called New Gaia, and like streaming games. So I guess it's a gaming forum.

A friendly server open for furries, LGBT+, or really anyone! :>

The ultimate package for a server. A Coaster Server, a Meme Server, an Emoji server, and a server to just meet some friends. The official discord server for the youtuber airtime thrills

Hallo semua, kami dari Server AmongUsNime mengajak kalian untuk bergabung di server kami.

Official server for the bot Defaulty!

We -Share Meme -Wholesome -Friendly -Love to play game -Easy Going

Hey guys this is my first sever ever made I hope y'all enjoy it. This server is about ANIME AND GAMES. You can hang out in the different voice chats or really just do your things. You can be mean/racist to each other until a certain point.

Are you looking for a gaming community that supports all players? Do you want multiple game divisions. If the answer to any of those was a yes then Game Zone is the place for you. We are a new community trying to make a name for ourselves. Join us now!!

A chill server for late-night gaming and chatting!

A friendly and welcoming community to share everything about programming, mostly C#. Our main goal is to create an environment where people can learn, collaborate and have fun all at the same time!

Northern Outpost is a competitive Call of Duty community created by sweats, for sweats. Our server allows players to not only find others of equal or higher skill, but also to begin competing for real world prizes.