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Welcome to Groovy Gaming DarkRP, We offer high-quality, innovative and exclusive content created by and for the passionate gaming community.

hi. I’m Katherine. And I made this server to hangout. I also do porn, so it’s a way to connect with people. I’ve never made a server before so uhhh,, hope this works. Come chill? 💖✨

The Cheese Tribe Welcome to our server! We have: *Dank Memer* *Chat Channels* *Announcements* *Self Roles* and more! Join now!

A fan made community for Scottland, this is also a MineCraft hangout for MineCraft players. Have fun and make friends with fellow MineCraft Players and fans of Scottland's content. Join now!

This is a fun and growing community with the goal of making friends and having fun, we will also start a minecraft world soon which everyone can join!

Welcome to Anime Casino Royale, this place is just a free casino with weebs, you can chat an have fun! This was kinda based off kakegurui because my waifu is yumeko!

A fun welcoming community were you can be you and have a great time join now you won't regret it

you have to get something on twitch

Sizsiz hiç değiliz, ama sizsiz adı konulan bir sarayımız yok. Adalet için ve adı konulabilecek bir saray için, sizi beklemekteyiz.

You can advertise your discord server, your youtube channel, and your twitch here! Listen to music in the music channel

The Lounge is about bringing people together. It's LGBTQ+ friendly. We welcome anyone to The Lounge no matter what religion, race or sexuality. We love everyone! Join us!

Hi! We just want people to talk in here, and have a good time. We have loads of channels. I've been trying to grow my server from scratch, but people keep leaving. Sad times.. Please help grow my community! Only 15 users in it at the time of writing this.

This is a warm and welcoming server with cute and colourful emotes, join to make new friends!

Omega vibe, We are a community focused on what we all like, Anime, gaming, anything... The Lounge is a place for anyone to enjoy themselves, We have bots such as Owo bot, jojo bot, mudae, dank memer,box bot, and slot bot. Our main goal is 1k Members

MOVIE NIGHTSSS! We host movie nights, join us and rip on B movies! Or watch good movies!