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We supply different recreational drugs such as Opiates LSD DMT Adderall Xanx Molly Etc

Simple system that allows you to play custom matches in Warzone on a daily basis.

I created this server as a community for alternative-styled people to meet, make friends, relationships, and show us pictures of your outfits :)

wake me up with at least 10 people new

This is a 18+ server that's trying to create a space where folks who are/like bears and chubs can chat, hang out, and share content together. Regardless of your body type or preference (though you need to be of age), you're welcome to join the conversatio

Hitotso No Ai means β€œOne Love” in Japanese. This academy is for those people who wants fun and freedom where you can do mostly anything . We talk about a lot of stuff such as Games,Anime,Kpop and many more, this server is all about meeting new people.

This is weeb academy! We educate non weebs and help them escape reality. if you want to become a web, join us! we would love to have you here!

Hello There! This is our Identity Fraud Gameplay server. Here you can find people to play games with such as Among Us, Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite and more!

I will mod your Bo3 account for insanely cheap prices. I have lots of vouches, video proof, and I do everything quick and efficiently. All further information is in my discord!

A Fun and Friendly (18+) Server for social chat with nice, sweet people.

We are a fastly growing, accepting, semi-toxic Discord community revolving around Gaming, Memes, Anime, Politics, Giveaways, Self-Promos and so much more! Wanna be a Chad? Click that join button and join the empire!

Server ip: towncraft.plox.best Server isn't released yet join it for more updates.

a fun and (hopefully growing) community with a respectful staff and active ownership

We are a Community that does memes, Games And Random stuff! 13+

Hi. We are a huge medieval themed community with hundreds of active people <3 there’s a space for everyone here as we have sections for roleplaying. NSFW. Real life interactions. Memes. Games. Etc or just general chat!

⭐A community for fun, talking, music and many more ⭐ ✨Make friends and chill ✨ ⭐Looking for active members ⭐