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Our server is a relaxed music community server focused on discussing music! We have a welcoming community passionate about music and hold various events and polls about music.

Find other player that matches YOUR skills! Join now and be a part of the best european community!

Brand New Rocket League Discord server!! Find players to play with, trade, and depends on the milestone of the server's potential giveaways. Bare with the server, the start will be slow but soon it would grow to be more active with more people.

HEY YOU! Looking for an Among Us server who is specifically English and active?. Well, this is the one! We do Among Us nights every day and we value you being in our server. Join now and we will be here to welcome you : )

fun n active server with daily movie nights n giveaways!

A friendly LGBT friendly server for all things gaming wise and friend making wise!

fun discord server


game with your friends open and simple server main purpose of the server is gaming

Welcome to ZateFeto club social & gaming community, I also entertain my fellow friends & viewers on streams and such, Come have fun with us.

we wanted to start a new religion and we are having fun it is about bee's and jazz our god is barry b benson

Welcome to escape from tarkov India server, Here you will find all the players across India who are always ready to help support Sherpa teach you escape from tarkov. https://discord.gg/W7AemQs5kb

We are an inclusive community discord server with the focus on gaming. Join us today!

You're looking for a cool server where you can meet friends? No problem! We're a little community with events such as movie nights, an own bot and more...!

This is the server when owner is -|LR|-AleG-|#4746 this discord server is for just fun and promote your self with streams and new roles #Streamers and others!

A stocks and options trading community with live spy scalps

Roblox fun game...

Hey, if you want come join my discord server, here we have a lot of fun, we talk about anime and we play a waifu roulette game with the discord bot mudae, they are other games you can play here but that is the best one. So ye come join if you want to