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Serendipity is a community server used to find and build relationships (platonic included)

Join our community for Beyond Myths and Turnbull Streets.

Clean-looking community server with amazing booster perks, aesthetic layout, and friendly staff. Emotes are top tier!

16+ Wholesome discord server that offers Vent spaces, emojis, active chats, wholesome & welcoming members, friendly staff, events and more!

Ищем друзьяшек и новых знакомств!

Netflix Mafia is a server for everyone that is interested in Movies and TV-Shows. Here you can discuss, stream and watch movies.

Community Discord with a twist

This Discord Server is A Discord Server For Dungeon Battle's! ( The Minecraft Server)

A place to show off your bellies! We also have nsfw section

👋 Hello fellow survivors, I’m The Accidental Survivor. I make YouTube Gaming videos! I love survival and crafting games. Right now my favorite is Mist Survival (with The Infected coming in at a close second.) - Join my Discord server.

looking for a place to hang out and make friends? buddies r us is the the place.

This new server is for people prepping for IT cert exams.

heyo this a server to chat and play games memebers needed alot of gamers you can play with minecarft, fortnite, among us and many more what are you for JOIN NOW

Mouse Mafia is a large community and family of mice, main streaming server for Chomei Mouse on Twitch!

❤️PlayerTwo is the official Discord of our upcoming app📱--a dating/matchmaking app for gamers worldwide!🌐 Here you can chat with others and follow our journey closely as the app comes to a release this August or September! Join us!❤️

Do you like making friends and playing videogames all while relaxing? Are you a small time streamer wanting to make a bigger following? Then this is the server for you!