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Welcome to Planetary Squirrels. A great growing Rainbow Six Server!

Server for gamers we host events for games such as Minecraft, Roblox, fortnite, cod and many more

We are are fun and welcoming community!

Best stock group out there!

VolExec's Vault is a sever created by Twitch streamer VolExec and is part of the Executive Empire. The server is a supportive "Streamer Showcase" for streamers to meet and support others, network and grow.

Swimming Server Growing Community Game nights Interactive Positive Based

Made the server with the purpose of growing a community, we're just some people hanging out and are always looking for more people to talk to, and as of recent started a music collection.

Friendly chill community. Join, make friends and have fun!

Vertex Gaming Offers Multiple Gaming Chats To Share Infomation About Games You Play With Other People! Vertex Gaming Also Has Options To Share Computer Specs, Tips And Tricks.

Discussion-Based server!

a harry styles server!! play games, chill, make friends, and more everyone’s welcome

Welcome to the Devils Cabaret! We are a rapidly growing kink community of like minded individuals! We are 18+ and verify age when joining. All roles, genders & sexualities welcome! Boosted server

We aim to make the most interactive server on Discord, we have tribe roles/tribe abilities, also circles like the IceWings if you think we need anything else we have a suggestions channel, don't worry we do have roleplaying

We are a minecraft server . We have a very nice community . We need new members and more active ones aswell, we are trying to be as fun as we can . Join our discord and minecraft server now!

welcome to stack, a server for chilling and talking to others, come check us out!

Hello! Are you looking for a server? Oh, your welcome here! We have: 🎵 | Music's 🔢 | Counting to infinity 🤗 | Family Friendly Server 💬 | Fun community 🚩 | Free advertising 🎁 | Giveaways 📈 | Growing Community And much more!