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Join in on the brave hunters, as we’re excited for you to join our guild! We have occasional events for example discord sings and more! Happy for you to join our crew!

Hey! Have you heard about the **Sol Eggies NFT** yet? :egg: It's an amazing NFT project with a lot of benefits for the holders! - **DAILY giveaways**! Really? Yes daily giveaways for xp, whitelist and free NFT's!

Server-games for everyone!

we have │Games│ Music Commands│ Giveaways│ And More!

Want to join a community with many friendly people? Want to meet new people? Do you like anime? Do you like cartoons? Whatever your hobbies are you will find someone with the same interests!

We are your go-to source for anime news, chat, and RP

Share your love about role-playing with others.

🍜🍜🍜 Our server includes: - Fun and entertaining channels - Roles all about ramen - A ton of events with attractive prizes - Dank Memer Bot with heist and rob disabled at all times - MEE6 Leaderboard - Music voice channels and gaming role

The offical Xbox 360 server on Discord. This is where you meet the remains of Xbox 360 players nationwide. If you have a 360 + Xbox Live Gold, then I be expecting you to join soon.

This is a server devoted to combinatorial discussion. There are channels for discussion on specific topics of combinatorics. Join and enhance the level of problem-solving and learning combinatorics!

Doar Îngerii pot sta aici cu noi.

GTA V City RP, Professional server.

A community based support server for those who might need a little extra support. Specifically for content creators and content consumers but all are welcome since going through life alone is never a good idea. Thank you.

Chill vibes, gaming and just bullshitting. A place where we can all turn the world off and enjoy some good company.

Simple, growing, multi gaming community discord. Made by players, for players. Share guides, memes and other helpful and fun stuff with other gamers that play the same game(s) as yourself!