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OpenBSD is a free and open-source Unix-like operating system based on the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD).

Join us to play with other Among Us players to vote out the imposter.

Talk to new people make some friends really friendly owners special gifts for early joiners talk about your favorite games interests and more here we are all a nice community please consider joining. 😁

This is a roblox discord server where I do giveaways for the ROBLOX game, Bubble gum simulator. Enjoy!

Welcome to the official Chomps discord! Join if you are a fan or if you just enjoy gaming! Come hangout in this chill, friendly environment! Make friends and hangout~!

This server was made for fans of anime, This server has Series Rating so you can see what others think about it as well as add your own Rating. We also sometimes do giveaways. we have channels for the different anime’s types.

Frog Moment is a chill server for anyone 13+. We are friendly and welcoming, and have chats about so many topics :). Hope you join and have a nice day/night.

Are you looking for a server with games, memes, custom bots, nsfw and levels? Then you have came to the right place! Google Chrome can offer alot of diffent things.

.・ ✭welcome to effervescent ♡ ・゜ ┊☆彡 18+ community yserver! ┊☆彡 active owner/admins ┊☆彡 active members ┊☆彡 LGBTQ+ friendly ┊☆彡 neurodivergent friendly ┊☆彡 music vc, vent chat + more ┊☆彡 self-assigned roles ┊☆彡 minecraft server ┊☆彡 + more

Discord for MacOS and iPadOS freaks. You should use a MacPro, MacBook Pro, iMac Pro or iMac, MacMini, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook or other Mac / Hackintosh / iPad.


Welcome to the Admix game dev community! This server is a place for you to share, chat, and collaborate in making awesome games with awesome people. Get stuck in!

Creative Thoughts is all about collaborating, sharing, conversating, and more! We amazing never seen features, however we’re always down for suggestions from our lovely and friendly community.

Discord server for the Cyberpunk 2077 Big Bang (CP77BB), a fan-created fanfiction writing and art challenge that pairs authors, beta readers, and artists to create content for Cyberpunk 2077.

UT743 TRADING. We are Ark PvE PC trading Server. The currency we use are the resource of the game and there will be no real money trade.