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Hey you! Welcome to Chill Lounge probably the best server you'll ever join with a super loving and welcoming community and where you'll form amazing friendships! (the owner is a really chill open minded 21yo who's always active) Join the fun!!

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Servidor do The cat, aqui conversamos, jogamos e nos divertimos! Temos muitos memes e sempre tem pessoas em call! Temos um pouco de tudo, venha conheรงer


Today me and my friends decided to take our cozy little discord server publicly. We're currently looking for new members and potential friends to join our little loving community :) .

This is the official discord server of Captain Sparx Avenue. You can post memes, artwork etc if you want. If you have any query or complaint regarding this server, then we have channels of them too! Where you can tell your query and we will solve.

Team Nation is a 1v1.lol Competitive team! We are looking to grow fast and get a goal of 1,000 members

Welcome to The Seven Deadly Sin's Server!

hell is an active icon server for alt folks :) what we can offer: -active & semi toxic!! -1:1 male:female ratio, -friendly members & staff -hiring staff & uploaders & apms also weโ€™re kinda weird but at least weโ€™re not boring ig ๐Ÿคฐ

WeGo is an epic BattleVerse where NFT craziest EARN as they set out for Crypto World domination! Punks, APES, Lizards, Cats, Dogs, Friends, Foes, and Liars! All are welcome but will it be enough?

The largest Dodgers server on Discord!

Here you can discuss the game Nordicandia, ask for help, and get in touch with the developers!

This server is for people of culture, those who are attracted to womens' armpits, especially Naruto females.

BDSM - Kink - Gaming - Social - Events - Giveaways - Age Verification System

Welcome to High-n-Twisted420! A 420 friendly community to hang with and chill with other 18+ gamers such as yourself. With a slight focus on weed and videogames. Join in and lets makes some friends.

StratWave is a semi-active, growing community. we're just a chill hangout server,and we welcome anyone and everyone.