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Growing community filled with welcoming chill members, No crazy rule sets and shit posting is encouraged!

This is a server for a youtuber. They make Danganronpa and Friday Night Funkin' content. While there are very strict rules, us Admins worked very hard, and had fun making the channels. Hope you join! Again, Thank you!

Hello, Welcome to PakTeens.

Looking for people to share the weird and random af stuff in your head with without having to fear judgement? (note this does not include you if you are a pedo or some spooky crap like that)

We're a brand new community for writers and readers of original fiction and fan fiction.

A server about chatting, chilling and making friends :)

Fun and gamey and memey server.

A chill place where you can vibe with people like moderators and people new! There are bots which you and your friends can vibe with whilst having fun.

based on the series by Erin Hunter, our server is a long term roleplay! you have the option of living in our four original clans; Polarclan, Shrubclan, Buckclan, and Glacierclan.

The Community is bringing you that, we have opened this discord server for you to engage with other users, make new friends and just discuss your day to day lives.

Triple S Ark Server

Are you looking for a new FiveM server to play? Well your in luck! We have a NEW server and are looking for active people! We are an esx based server and we are looking for: Gangs, Police, EMS, Admins, Mods and Civs, and Testers!

SMP: Survival Multiplayer Creative: Have access to the same seed as SMP and build wherever you want. To be able to build somewhere though, you first have to claim an area using a golden shovel. KitPVP: PvP with kits.

We are a small community that do giveaways, events hopping for new members everyday so what are you waiting for join our active community to find new friends.

Welcome Aboard the Flying Dutchman A new server filled with my crew with high roles available for interview now! Ye wont regret - Davy Jones

a small server for a lot of people