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Classic Hard Survival is a place where everyone has equal opportunities. Play in the brand new world with friendly staff. Join our discord: https://discord.gg/JcmNDPpR

A place where you can find others like you!

we're full of freaks and geeks who all secretly want to kill each other, your not in a server you're in our mansion

DeFireX - A platform that provides guarantees for the investment. We offer a stable system of passive profit making, with high profitability and the best indicators and guarantees on the market!

server for main character in skylanders (kaos is king, kaos is god)

Server for upcoming Modded Minecraft Server, for 1.7.10. Meet other players, establish connections, participate in events, and just chill with everyone. Server launches near Christmas.

Ah yes,a place where cursing is allowed,isn’t that rare?

Join my tech server! Lots of cool stuff on here! Join for tech talking, gaming and more!

We are a brand new server, looking for new members to join. Level up by talking and being active, make friends, chat with everyone, share thoughts and much more.

Come join the Mane 6! Looking for clop, friends, or erotic role play? We got it! Or perhaps you’d like to answer our daily question, share your art, and shitpost? If so then the Mane 6 is the mane place you wanna be!

The Me & You Discord server contains Gamers, Podcasters, YouTubers, Entrepreneurs, and more!

Welcome to ReadStream, the Discord server streaming service where you can make your own story on whatever you want and share it with others in this amazing community! We are starting a Minecraft SMP at 100 members!

Next level gaming organization that functions as a gaming & streaming social network. We also develop and run a few servers.

Nothing really special just a chill gaming server

#TeamBanana is a fun, friendly community! Ready to start your journey? Join our Discord server today!