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Just join I don't know what else to put

California Roleplay is an active ps4 roleplay community that is looking for more member, we are home of Nerd Gamer on YouTube. We are looking for you as long as you have a mic, good internet, a ps4 with GTA 5, discord, and be 14+

Need friends to play Genshin with? or maybe you need some primogems, but don't have money? This server is made for free-to-play players like you!

A discord for people to hangout

Anarchy has rules. Anti-Coercion. ☠Ⓐ⚐ Philosophy | Politics | Discussion

a server for spiritual talk and to help people with their spiritual path and awakenings! as well as being able to post art or vent :)

A wholesome community with a kinky core! Make friends, ERP, bots, emojis, currency, games, weekly competitions! We look forward to welcoming you to our friendly, kink friendly, LGBTQ+ community! Come join us, make yourself at home and enjoy!

a fun place were u can play fined games and play games

We saw this tiktok of people who made a house in discord and we made one too! It's really chill and we are looking for friends. You can have your own custom roles, your own room, and more! :D We are still a really new server so invite your friends!

Its a small Christmas countdown server

Comunidade NoFap Portuguesa e Brasileira

Community Server For Everyone

The server is a fun chill place to just hang out and chat, play game, listen to music, watch movies and have fun with friends. twitch channels are allowed to be promoted on the server and any art commissions too. there are rules to the server though

Chill studying server offering a wide range of helpful support with anything work related. Looking for staff as this servers new :)

Relax discord to talk to other and play games with.