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Imperium Romanorum fuit res publica antiqua, cuius caput erat Roma, olim maxima mundi occidentalis urbs, et quae tempore maximae suae potestatis a Britannia usque ad Mesopotamiam extendebatur.

Gaming Lounge is a group of gamers that are actively looking to engage and interact with the community.

We carry out raids, are againts gays, blacks, and other non white groups. NSFW

Lagi nyari server discord?? Di ChillZone Indonesia aja.

This is the Chilling Lounge. You can play Minecraft or even other games. JOIN NOW!!!

This Discord server is for anyone who has a interest in helicopters. Anyone is allowed to join and enjoy the helicopter related talk!

A server that offers a triangular diversity with gaming, anime, and Kpop. A rather small yet close community to get caught up on video game updates, Kpop trends, new anime releases, and more. We are truly grateful for any newcomers!

Building a sever need decided people to help build the sever with me will be fun and exciting. ( You will probably get mod if you ask for it)

Just a place to chill and cool down. No actual purpose. Just a fun place.

Nous aimons tous jouer avec nos ami(e)s. C'est la principale motivation de 4REAL™️, et ce n'est pas près de changer. Les relations, les souvenirs et les bons moments que nous procurent les jeux vidéo nous ont poussés à créer ce discord.

Looking to chill and play some FPS games with some friends. This is the place for you. Were looking to start a community based on teamwork and communication. Promote your streams. Get game updates. Grow with us from the beginning.

Want a new fun ways to practice and apply your Japanese skills? Come and study with us at Black Cat Japanese Translation club. We are a community more than 700 Japanese learners of all skill levels, working to translate games, manga etc.

-A fun discord to join and mess around, we really don't mind anything happening, just join and do what you like mess around in voice channels and post memes.

If you like to chill and talk come join our discord server.