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a place for all the CS students from all around the world, whether you wnat to meet new people or ask for help for topics in CS.

Anime & Gaming community. Weekly Nitro giveaways, at least 3 winners chosen. AMV contests coming soon. Hiring staff.

The Official Discord server Avocado Man on YouTube!!

A chill community doing art, sound and games.

Hi! Welcome to バイブカフェ!! It means Vibe Cafe in Japanese so come join if you're chill and looking to make new friends!

if you like danganronpa and rp then you should join this server

glory is a community server with funny members and admins, funny emotes, interactive bots, active chats, pfp channels, confession channels, and cute self and color roles! join today!

my server is a cute server for you to talk to people, roleplay, discuss anime and more! we are a very friendly community and host applications for mod (what we call meowderator). we have a safe community and some gamenights sometimes!

The Cold Crew is a gaming server that offers a safe and free environment to chill, play games (mainly Minecraft), participate in events and giveaways, have fun, or all of the above! We also offer ways to grow your channel as a small youtuber!

Official server for the speculative evolution tool specevo.io

Beste norske discord serveren for deg og dine venner, vi har alt ifra minecraft til gta 5 så det er null stress. Alle som er med er norske og det er verifikasjon så det ikke blir noe botter

The place to talk to people, make friends, and have fun!

Friendly NSFW community. Show up, Show off, Get off. Have your photos rated. Have your photos Captioned. or just hang out and chat!

Celestia Ludenburgs Casino. You can do so many amazing things here from show off your art, play around with bots, gamble, and a lot more! Very lovely non-toxic community!

This is a public server which includes - debates - art comps - minigames - giveaways! Our staff and members would love to have you join us, I mean you'd be family!

Server Animals Plus is the official Minecraft mod discord server. You will find information about recent updates and more.We invite you!