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Berlin based Discord server about music and events

This server is for all artists! It is a place where you can connect with other artists and get new idea for your next art-piece!

Join the Axolotl Cult for hangout, music, games and activities! (We are not a actual cult-)

The largest, most active and popular Haikyuu Discord. Our server includes general talking, role-playing and fun features on our server.

Come and join the newest Cold War discord server, find squads, talk strats and more!

Dank Memer And Idle Miner... Gaming Chats.... Minecraft SMPS.... Giveaways......

Some of our features: Voice Channels for hanging out and listening to music. Open roleplay channels and roleplay advertising areas NSFW and SFW channels for various kinks (mainly Preg, bondage, cosplay and regular porn). Channels for content creators

We need to get rid of these gay people! They are ruining society and soon or later they will take over. If we get rid of them now we can have a better future for our kids. Ps: You won't have to worry about your kid coming out to you when they are older.

We are a new friendly server full of all kinds of people but mostly gamers. If you wanna have some fun while gaming then join us!

We are a new server for peer to peer support. We are just starting out and we hope you'll come grow with us. All are welcome!

Discord Server that gives away Nitro, Gift Cards and hundreds of dollars every day!

British based server so we light to have a drink and a laugh together, everyone is welcome so please feel free to join and come play some games with us. :)

Just a place where you can post pictures and chat about them

A bunch of gamers having fun in a small server, very active and friendly.

a friend server where we share all of the things we are interested about. if your from the aged 12-16 then you can join!!

We are an up and coming discord group we have anime,gaming,Sports,music